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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Musicians Everyone Else Loves, But I Can't Stand

Well, I recently did a post pointing out musicians that have songs that I adore, even though most of them I am not a real big fan of. Now, I am going to discuss musicians, or groups, that everyone else seems to love, but that I cannot stand. That is to say these are musicians that a lot of my friends adore, and I look at their posts about them and wonder why. LOL! Now, my friends do have their own rights to have their own opinions. I am not trying to change their minds. This post is just based on my own opinion of these people. These are musicians that I have heard before, but I just never liked any of their music, and you will never see any of their songs on my MP3 player.

1. David Bowie
I remember hearing of something when I was in middle school called "Bowie-mania". Well, I heard his song "Let's Dance" and I absolutely HATED it!!! I couldn't even listen to the whole song, it was so awful! It hurt my ears to listen to it! And nothing he ever did after that impressed me either. Nor before that, for that matter. He was just bad, IMO. Not to mention, he's ugly as shit! He looks like a damn stray, emaciated cat!

2. Justin Beiber
Though he seems to be today's teenage heartthrob, I don't like him at all. Besides the fact that he has got no manners, and he's only after the money, he has no talent. What he has is a gang of highly-skilled engineers who probably work to their ultimate limit to make this kid sound even halfway decent. Unfortunately I think all the young singers today sound like him. That's not good. I can't think of one single song of his that I like, or would ever want on my MP3 player.

3. Justin Timberlake
I have one song by NSYNC on my MP3 player. That is all! I do not like Justin Timberlake since he left the group. To me, he is nothing by himself.

4. Prince
OK, this one I kindof have mixed feelings about. He was an inspiration with his music to a lot of other 80s bands. Including INXS, which is my most favorite band of all. I used to have Little Red Corvette on my MP3 player, and I do head-bop to his songs on the first Batman movie from 1989, but frankly I just don't like him well enough to keep any of his songs on my MP3 player. I cannot explain why. I just don't like his music all that much.

5. The Doors
Three words: WORST-GROUP-EVER!!!
I've heard their songs before and I absolutely do NOT like them! Too dark and depressing for me. And I positively hate it when people compare my Michael to Jim Morrison! In order for Michael to look like Morrison, he would have to bloat up his face, and have a permanent fixture on his mouth to look like he's eating something sour, and have his eyes somehow moved so that they both touch each other at the top of his nose! UGH! Morrison is that ugly to me!

Well really, that is all I can think of, besides the female singers. But I think it's pretty safe to say I do not very well take to female singers. I'm not saying some of them do not have good songs, I like a lot of songs by Celine Dion, don't ask me why, but she has come out with some pretty cool songs. I also like Loreena McKennitt, and Enya because I love celtic music. But for some reason I don't think women singers are all that great. Maybe its that I am old fashioned and think singing is a mostly male-dominated profession. Or maybe it is because I prefer songs made by cute guys.

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