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Saturday, October 22, 2016

OMG! Is This True??

Check out this video! Watch to the end.

It's saying that Paula found out her mom was unfaithful to the man she called her father. I wonder if that is really true? Or if it's a rumor. They said that is why she killed herself. I almost have to laugh at that! So all these years, I thought it was grief over losing Michael that killed her. But apparently I was wrong. It wasn't a drug overdose fueled by grief, it was a drug overdose fueled by anger over her mom doing something that Paula herself did several years before! My question is, why was she surprised? Obviously, Paula had to get her immorality from somewhere. Right? She cheated on Bob Geldof, and she had kids with him. I think! It's not a far cry to believe that Paula would sooner or later have cheated on Michael if they'd ever gotten married. So why was she so uptight because her mom cheated on her dad? That totally does not make sense to me!

But then again, when did Paula Yates ever make any sense? And for that matter, this report seems to be off in some places too. In the scene where Michael confronts the photographers, the reporter says he was "intoxicated". Well, he didn't look intoxicated to me. He just looked angry! I think the script-writer for this report just said Michael was "clearly intoxicated" because s/he was butthurt and wanted to make Michael look bad. If they're saying that because of his lisp, and they're taking it as the slurred speech of an inebriated man, well Michael always had that lisp! I think it's a cute lisp! I love it! It drives me crazy every time I hear him speaking. Makes me want to cuddle and kiss him! hehehe!

Also, the report says that Paula got this information in 2002, which is way off. Paula was dead in 2002. In fact, she was dead in 2001 too. She died back in 2000. LOL! So their dateline is WAY off! But whatever the case may be, the dumb Yatesfags can stop thinking that she died as a result of grief-fueled drug overdose. If indeed this is true. Either way, she left Lily. She disappointed Michael. I still don't like her! Fuck her!

I've given my opinions of what I believe happened to Michael. I still believe he was murdered! By both Paula and Bob! I blame both of them for his death!
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