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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Why So Negative?

You all want to know why I am always posting about other people? I'll tell you why. I have finally decided to reveal my secret. Well, maybe not so much a secret. But anyways, the reason is because I get more views that way. A lot of people have told me these blogs do not solve anything, and I have been accused of causing negativity on more than one occasion. But really, that does not matter to me. Its like people on YouTube who put sexy girl nipples in their video's thumbnail pic, but the video has absolutely nothing to do with sexy girls or nipples showing. It's simply clickbait. I admit it! I get paid each time someone clicks on my blog! Whether or not they show up on my online "spies". Its the views that count. And while a lot of people hate to admit it, negativity is what draws people into my blog. I've noticed that since I've gotten back from the shelter, I chose to be a lot less negative, except for a couple of posts, one was just an informant post, not meaning to point fingers, just informing everyone. The other was about the admins on this new group and why I have one on ignore, and why the other has me on ignore. LOL! I did not write that post with the intent to solve anything. If I choose to have someone on ignore, or if they choose to have me on ignore, then that is each of our rights. But since I've decided to stop posting a lot of negativity, I noticed my views have gone way down. And my cooking blog, which is about nothing but cooking--no negativity at all, has gotten almost no views at all. So, negativity is really what draws in the crowd! Thus the views. Thus more money in the bank for me!

I have chosen to take those posts down because first of all, I am trying to go in a different direction in my life. And second, someone told me one of the people I wrote about was suicidal, and the last thing I want lingering on my conscience is someone killing themselves because of this blog. Even if what I said about them was the truth as I saw it. I am always the kind of person who calls it like she sees it, and that is what I write about on here. I want to make money through my blog, but not that way. Believe it or not, I do have something left of a conscience! Sometimes I believe I am too compassionate for my own good! I've had people tell me I would not like it if my name was dragged through the mud and everyone believed it. Well, personally I don't care. I've said it on this blog before, back when Yvette was slamming me on her blog, I don't care what she says about me. As long as she's not saying I'm killing puppies or something to that affect, I don't care what she says about me. I don't even exempt myself from ridicule. Why should everyone else? But I think if a person is going to slam someone, then backup what you say about that person. I don't say anything about anyone unless I have proof. If I don't have proof, or only little bits of proof, I say I'm not 100% sure.

One of my friends was talking about Kim Kardashian getting robbed and tied up. I say "Who gives a shit?!?!" To me, that is nothing more than a publicity stunt. As one of my other friends put it, there's something fishy there. The Kardashians always have some cameras following them everywhere, and bodyguards too. How odd that the one time she doesn't have any body guards around, someone was just waiting outside for her to pass by so they could rob her specifically. I think it was done for the same reason as I write these kinds of negative posts, to pique peoples' interest again. People are getting bored with news about Kim's ass, or her kids--born in a talentless family and will probably all be talentless themselves!--so what happens? A big announcement comes over the news saying Kim Kardashian has been robbed to get peoples' interest in the family renewed again! I'm pretty damn sure that is what happened. It's all nothing but a stupid publicity stunt!

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