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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Die Yuppie Scum!

Time to remember Michael's life and celebrate it. I am holding a month-long party on my group. I'm going to do as much as I can to make it fun. Posted lots of pics so far. But I want to make it a little different than I did last year. I was reading a story last night by an old school friend of Michael's from Hong Kong. It was a very touching story! The guy had Tourette's Syndrome. I know the feeling. I have a bit of autism myself. It runs in my family unfortunately. So, I know how he feels going through his school life being bullied. But he found a good friend in Michael, and was even invited to Michael's house at his 10th birthday party! Sounds so wonderful!

What struck me so deeply about his story was, even though I had never read his story before, I knew what he was going to say about Michael. Every word he wrote, I was like "Yes, that's the Michael I know!" He was stunned that Michael killed himself because even he said Michael enjoyed life so much. I only met Michael for a minute, back in 1991, before his accident. But what I saw in his eyes was so pure, so genuine, I could tell what kind of person he was right away. Most people would not even think about making friends with someone who has any kind of autism, whether they are kids, or even adults. I was autistic and I remember even some of the teachers bullied me sometimes. Especially in middle school. So, I know what it's like to make that one friend who is really good and really true. Sometimes I was successful at making friends, and sometimes I wasn't. The few friends I did make, I usually stuck to like glue. I would follow them around like a puppy. LOL! I don't really do that anymore. Now, when I make a friend, I am cautious until I really get to know them. I've been deceived by too many people in the past to get instantly chummy with anyone. A few people I would take to right away, but that is a rare event for me nowadays.

Well being the young, dumbhead I was as a kid, I got out of INXS shortly after that concert, and concentrated more on Roxette. To this day, I wish I hadn't done that. Well don't get me wrong, I still think Roxette was a great band. But I just wish I hadn't let my affection for them overshadow my love for INXS. Afterall, I did fall in love with Michael on first sight. It took me a little longer to fall in love with Per Gessle. I also wish I had acted on that love I had for Michael. Maybe we would have gotten married. We both have a lot in common, I am finding out. We're both artists. We both love nature. We're both loyal friends. We're both shy around strangers. We both hate radicals! LOL! Why else would Michael wear a shirt that says "Die Yuppie Scum"?

He doesn't like radicals either! LOL!
What's funny about this is the radicals hate me because I hate radicals. Never dreaming that Michael would not like them either once he got to know them inside and out. But oh well. Let them figure that one out for themselves. Like I said, Michael was about peace and love. Radicals are about changing everyone's perception about everything, and declaring war against those who won't change. Or blocking them on Facebook. hehehehe!!!!! Actually, I do kinda wonder how Michael felt being photographed with that shirt on. This looks like it was taken around 1994, or sometime around there. But it would not matter to me. The more I find out about Michael, the more I love him. To find out he too hated radicals warms my heart actually. But it goes hand-in-hand with wanting peace in the world today. Radicalism of any kind causes hatred and anger towards one another, I think Michael saw that.

Well anyways, it's Michael's month. It's my month to celebrate Michael's life. Been a tradition of mine since 1998, and I hope to make this one fun. Next year, even better. Because I hope to be in Australia for the 20th anniversary, and hope to see Michael's statue revealed. I think that would make a wonderful addition to my movie! Watch for it next year! Coming to UMG Productions! I'm currently trying to work on myself for the sake of the movie. I want to look good! When it is complete, I still want to allow a select few to view the movie, as a freebie, and ONLY those few. I'd especially love to have Michael's family's approval on it. But the movie is also going to have me in it. I'm hoping my partner can come with me. He can be my cameraman, and bodyguard in case I need it. lol. But it's going to be about me celebrating Michael. I hope to make it worthwhile.

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