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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Don't Get Involved

Ya know, Katrina has told me this many times, I get too involved in the life of my buddies. I have mentioned that often in this blog. Well, I have often felt it was part of being a good friend, to get involved and help them whenever I can. Of course there are some times I never got involved at all, and that was when one friend was having problems with another friend of mine. If I really like both of them, I just never get involved at all. Even if I am not sure I like both persons. I still never get involved. Because I always felt that was none of my business, that it's something that is just between the two of them. I'm not going to side against one friend just because the other friend has a problem with them. Especially when the one friend has never done me any harm. That's just not my style.

Even when I was at the shelter, I never got involved in problems between other people. I figured they would eventually work it out themselves. I stayed completely neutral. I remember I was friends with Lulu, and another woman, initials MC. Well, MC was one of those negative types, you know the kind. But she had a lot of good qualities too. She loved to bake, and she made the most awesome cinnamon rolls! She also made great cookies and breads too. I also thought, in spite of her negativity, that she was a nice person too. I remember one time she told me about a trip she took to Wales, and how it was her favorite place to visit. Well, I liked MC, and I considered her a friend. But she had a problem. She said Lulu threatened her life. I personally never heard Lulu threaten her life before, and I knew Lulu would never have done that anyways. MC though did all she could to turn me against Lulu. I told her to just leave me out of it, because I liked both of them. I didn't want to get involved in their prejudice against each other.

This is also why I did not get involved when Rosanda turned against Nancy. Some of her friends did. I know for sure Delilah P. did! She said she blocked Nancy from all social media because of the battle between Rosanda and Nancy. But I did not get involved. Nancy never did anything to hurt me at all and at that time, neither did Rosanda. That was before she slapped my father in the face! I felt it was none of my business anyways. I figured this was a battle that was between the two of them. Had nothing to do with me. I liked both of them so I just didn't get involved. Delilah did though. Delilah is like a baby sheep, and I don't mean lamb! She follows Rosanda anywhere, and gets involved in all her affairs. She blocks anyone who opposes. Such a shame. Delilah has some potential. She's a good writer. In fact, she got one of her ideas from me. Since she and I are no longer friends, I hope she doesn't intend on using the idea I gave her once! She'll find her ass in court!

Well, Katrina says I get too involved in online buddies, and that I need to stop being like that. Katrina is a sweet girl, but she has a knack for not getting involved in other peoples' lives. She said it comes from where she works at. She has to deal with customers all day long. She asked me long ago never to mention where she works, so I won't. She leads a VERY private life. She doesn't even use her real name on Facebook. LOL! But anyways her partner told her never to get emotionally involved with the customers. You never know who is on the other side of the line. Same thing goes for online, like on Facebook. Unless you know the person very well, NEVER get involved. I always thought that was so cold and callous though! But Katrina told me the same thing applies for Facebook as for her workplace. You never really know who the other person is. She said for all I know, it could be a sweet-talking serial killer. LOL! Most of the people I made friends with were INXS fans, I never thought of INXS fans as being serial killers. But Katrina says, until I have actually met them and shook hands with them, and actually spent time with them, I really don't know them, and they could be anything. She's right! And really, I knew that. I still just thought it was cold and callous to accept a friend request, and then just forget about them. Never get involved in anything they write.

Well, Katrina is totally different online than she is in person. She only has a few facebook friends. She does not "like" many posts, and she only talks to other people when she has to. Like if they comment on a subject she really likes. She actually came here on Thursday and showed me how her existence on Facebook really is. She does very little. She said she does it because she doesn't want to get emotionally involved with anyone. That way, if she happens to lose a buddy, it's no big deal. She has real friends and family, so she said she doesn't need them online. Oh yes, she brought the baby. He's really CUTE!!! Another thing she never does online, she never posts pics of her children. She said she's seen too many cases of pedophiles stealing pics of children, or child porn sites taking them and posting them for those sick individuals to gape at. Katrina really does not trust anyone online. That's why she rarely gets online. She has a Facebook, and usually, she rarely gets on it. She rarely comes in here, except she is on maternity leave from work. Funny she still checks in at work though. LOL!

If I ever again get on Facebook, I probably should try her method. But again, that is just not me. I like getting involved in my friends' lives, as much as they allow. But like Katrina says, they're never really your friends until you actually get to know them in person. Not just as an online entity. I have several friends like that online. I need to stick with them and only them. Katrina, you are so right. You are also wise beyond your years! Like I said though, I did know all this stuff before, and I should have always stuck with it. Because not everyone is like me. Most people are like "if you don't like what I like, or who I like, then you're fucked!" And will drop you without hesitation or warning. I can't be like that. I always believed everyone has a right to like who, or what, ever they want. And I have never been known for dropping a friend just because they feel different than me. In most cases.

Well, if I do ever get back on Facebook, it probably won't be for a very long time. I've actually felt more relaxed now than I ever have the whole time I've been on Facebook. I am still trying to work out what has happened in my family. I am still trying to grieve for my pa. I did a little more weeping last night, because I began to miss him again. It's going to take a while to stop completely. I never expect to "get over" him. But I hope someday to get back to a point where I can remember him without tears forming in my eyes again. The fact that I am here alone does not help. I need a dog! Katrina is in Chehalis. My sis is in Montana. My ma is in Reno. Even my stepmom is in Arizona. My dogs are also in Montana. So, I need a dog here now.

I remember one of my friends asked me if I'd be interested in having a cat. LOL! I said to him no, I'm not the type that would be happy with just a cat. Cats, IMO, are more depressing than being alone. I would rather have a fish tank than a cat! I need something in my life that is more upbeat, like a dog. I haven't had a cat since 2002, and I do not miss having them! Believe me! LOL!


katrina said...

I check in to work because i have to. since i made partner, its my business too.
some people will never be satisfied until you actually tell them you were talking about who you said you were not talking about. as a gag, you should just make up some weird and wacky story and post it on this blog. i know that sounds silly and i am really not recommending you do that, but to make them happy, you probably should just to make them see how stupid they look. bwah!

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Why? Have they been talking? Maybe I should make up something just to make them happy. Something to the effect of...

"Yes! I was talking about Kelly P. Know how I knew she was sick? Because I am dating her father. He told me the other night she is ill. I rode over to his place on my pet unicorn, and he bought me a soda out in the middle of the martian desert. Then we sat on Saturn's ring and watched the asteroids go by. That's what it's like dating her father."

I bet those dodos would actually believe that bullshit!

katrina said...

fuck girl i told you not to do that!

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Sorry Katrina. I'm just fed up with people and their dumbass assumptions!