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Friday, November 18, 2016

Drama-Queen Revealed!!!!

I found out from a friend who the person is that has been spreading this drama around about me. It's a woman named Tess O'brien!!! She was one of the people who commented on my post on Facebook when my pa died! This friend and I had a little PM session this afternoon and said that Tess has written another rant on Facebook about me. UGH!!! What the FUCK is wrong with this woman??? Is her brain screwed up? Sadly as well, she has a child! She sabotages me on Facebook and she has a child too. I wonder if she would also sabotage that poor child if she had the chance? All I can say is, I feel sorry for that little girl of her's! Someone please call CPS and have that little girl taken away from her before she does something to harm her!!! If Tess would harm me, someone who has done nothing bad to her, who knows whom else she will harm?!

Last night, I made a post on Tim-Hutch Love, telling the people in there that if they are one of the blind sheep flock, they need to leave before the 22nd, or else I will get rid of them myself. So, today, I've been going around to different folks, and telling them that they have a certain number of hours to delete themselves, or I will do it for them! And if I do it, they'll be permanently blocked! I told Tess this morning she had 12 hours to leave the group, and I told her she has been warned!!! I'll not have her type on that group ruining Michael's special day!! I also blocked Tess when I found out she is the one possibly causing all this drama. Fuck her!!! She can gripe and complain about me in her own page. She WILL NOT be allowed to bring it to my page!!!

Well, today I heard that Tess is now accusing me of rape. I heard that and I was like "WHAT????!!!!" Tess is accusing me of raping her?!! I don't even know her!! We've never stood in the same room. How on Earth could I be raping her?! Geez! Yesterday's post was about stupid-ass people! I think that Tess O'brien is the stupidest of the stupid!! I can't even believe I once thought she was a good person! Over the past week, I have been disappointed by a lot of people. She was one of them. Now to find out all this is happening and she is possibly the one who started it. She is also one of the ones who knew better!! Tess seems to love to overplay the victim card. I kinda wonder if that is why she married a man that beat her up? And no, I am not saying ANYONE deserves to be beat up!! Although after finding this info out, I really want to punch Tess O'brien in the face, and HARD!!!! As hard as I can!!!! HOW FUCKING DARE YOU TESS!!! HOW DARE YOU GO AROUND TELLING PEOPLE THAT I THINK CANCER IS A JOKE!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF RAPING YOU!!!!!! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO REALLY NEEDS HELP TESS!!!!!! AND AS MUCH AS I FUCKING HATE YOUR GUTS NOW, I SURE HOPE YOU CAN GET THE HELP YOU NEED!!!! FOR MYA'S SAKE!!!!!!

UHH!! Well, enough of that. I am still leaving Facebook. Don't know if I'll ever go back! I have been through turmoil in my life, but this has taken the cake! Accusing me of thinking cancer is a joke is too much!! It's something I don't tolerate. And what gets me is the people who actually believe it! The same people who followed my posts from the time my father was first diagnosed with cancer to the day he died! And yet they still believe I think cancer is a joke! I am tired! TIRED!!! I am tired of people who pretend to be your friend. I am tired of having to explain myself to people who don't listen. I am tired of meeting people who I think are good, only to find out they are nothing but asswipes! I'm tired of making friends with someone, getting close to them, only to have them drop me when things get heated because they want to stay with the popular crowd. I'm tired of people who think just because they've spent more than a few minutes with Michael Hutchence, that they own his memory. I'm tired of the two-faced people who only have the fullest respect for fans who have spent more than a few minutes with Michael, and believe those who didn't are disposable friends! Michael, I don't believe, would want to see his fans treat each other that way, so why do they do it? I got a good set of mods for Tim-Hutch Love, they can take care of it, and keep it clean and respectable. I've got a big picture-posting day planned for the 22nd, and after that, I'm gone! I just want to celebrate one last Hutch Day with other Hutch fans. If anyone wants to talk to me, they know they can find me here.

You know, I think Michael, being the way he was all for peace and love, if he had had a Facebook page, I think once he saw turmoil like this happening between his fans, he would be thinking "I've had enough of this bullshit!" And would have said to me by now, "Dee, I'm with you! I'm leaving Facebook too!"


Rita Love said...

Aw my GOD!!!!!!!!

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Tell me about it Love!!

Rita Love said...

Yeah she has been PM me and I didn't say anything I just said to leave her alone. She didn't like kill anyone she told me why is she on here I was like wow FB police

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

I made her delete herself from my group!!! She pisses me off!!

BTW, Love if you'd like to rejoin you can. :)

katrina said...

omfg! Who is this fucking tess obrien? send her to me i'll fucking kick her in the face too. is she some kind of attention-whore? thats what she sounds like. Tell her to back the fuck off or she will have to deal with me! and i'll put her in her place.

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Ohh Katrina, you have no idea how much I want to slap Tess across her face right now! She's so lucky she is not in this room with me right now, or I would do it!! That's another reason I want to get away from Facebook!! Too many keyboard warriors like Tess, that stir up shit probably just for fun.

Rita Love said...

Thanks love I will Join in again! Don't worry about People and there stupid opinions

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Now that I know who is to blame, it doesn't bother me much anymore. I'll deal with her in some little way. :)