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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Funny This...

Hey! How about some really cute and funny pics?! Why not? I need to have some fun. 😁

Uh oh! Hide your babies!!

Only a dog would admit to this.

Good on this one!

For those who couldn't decide, this would have made a good candidate!

Some people will laugh at anything alright!

He's got a smiley mustache!

This bird doesn't give a shit!

This bird does!

And I very often do!

Yes I guess this is what you could call me.

A great way to have a good day at work:

Guilt is written all over his nose.

Maybe this is where I am headed. LOL!!

The oompas are in trouble!!

Let's catch the next ride to the past and quick before he gets in office!!

Google must think this guy is a grandfather clock-sucker! LOL!

But he found she has a Boner.

Yes! We can be anything we want to be. I'll be a lemur!

For you Katrina, because I know you love all 4 of your kids!

This one is for the stupid-ass trolls who think I'm laughing at cancer!

Quick! Someone save him!!

I need some extensions too! LOL!

And 1896 ended when 1897 began.

Yep! I sure am!

Hehehehe!!! You little devil you!!

Not sure I would eat that now! LOL!

A banana cloned from a dog!

Again, for you Katrina! Its something you always bring up! LOL!

And now we see Trump, how he was brought up as a kid!

There! Hope you got a good laugh! I know I did!
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