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Friday, November 18, 2016

-Less Products???

Have you ever heard of a nut pie without the nuts? Have you ever heard of a roast turkey without the turkey? Have you ever heard of chicken nuggets without the chicken? I always wondered, why call it what it isn't? Why not call it what it is? For example, here is a video of a "nutless" pecan pie.

Seems kinda silly to me to call anything without pecans a "pecan pie". Isn't the pecans the whole point of the pie? This is instead made of crisped rice cereal. So, why don't they call it a "crisped rice cereal pie"? That does not make sense to me! And how about this "vegan turkey"? If it says "vegan" on it, then it doesn't have any real turkey in it, does it? It's actually made up of soybeans.

This cannot be called a "turkey" if it doesn't have any turkey. It doesn't make sense! Why not call it a "soybean" roast instead? Or, have you ever heard of a product called "Tofurkey"? It's apparently a vegan "turkey" roast.

OK, So the first 4 letters spell out "tofu", but why put the last 3 letters of "turkey" in the name? Why not just call it a "tofu roast"? Is it because a "tofu roast" doesn't sound as appetizing as a turkey roast? Or maybe you could flat-out call it a "turkeyless roast", like this product from Trader Joe's:

Or how about some "chickenless chicken"? Here's such a product that is available:

If you ask me, it cannot be called "chicken drumsticks" if it is made of soybean proteins. Why not just call them "Soybean protein drumsticks"? If you don't, I would call this false advertising. Of course it says "vegan" on it. But it also says "chicken". It's misleading. And if it's vegan, it won't have any chicken in it. They need to change the wording on their boxes. I've always been a straightforward person. I call everything what it is. I even call myself "fat" because well, I AM!!!! It's not malicious. It's TRUTH!! But I am working on it. 😁 In the past 2 weeks, I have lost 5 pounds! I intend to keep going.


Rita Love said...

My Ma has done it once I think it was with nuts and it tasted good

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

YUM!!!!!! :D I love nuts!!!

Rita Love said...

Yes, me to just don't put me next to a blow of them lol I eat them all, there so addictive

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

LOL!! Yeah me too. Gain back that 5 pounds I've lost so far!! ;)