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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Oh Really?!

LOL! My Facebook friend numbers continue to drop. These people are crazy! I mean really! I just lost my father to cancer! Why do they think I am making fun of the disease? What that person had that I spoke about was not even cancer! Not even close. It wasn't even believed to be cancer. Well, really I got nothing against these people. Its not like they're dropping me because I don't like radicals. I think the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Because of that, I removed that post I made. One person even commented that I believe I could curse anyone. I never said I could either. It's just a figure of speech. This is proof-positive of how such a complex post can get bent all out of shape.

One person, who was a pretty close friend too, started arguing with me on my group. Of course she had me blocked, so I had to post by way of different posts on the group. Then I stopped because I realized that was not the way to handle this type of thing. It's not a group-affair. She said she was leaving because I am a "lowlife bitch". But she kept coming back, saying I did the same thing to her. I never did anything to her. Ever! She's mistaken honesty for disrespect. I'm thinking, maybe I need to stop being honest with people. They simply do not like it. Well, when she is ready to talk, she knows how to PM me. She wanted to leave the group. So, I helped her. But she cannot come back now. She made one last post, but I didn't read it. I just deleted it. I like to keep that a free speech group, but that was not the way to handle this problem.

I suspect when I wake up tomorrow that the only people that will be left in my friends list are those that are the most loyal of the bunch. And family. But geez, seems everywhere I turn, I cause a ruckus. Whether I mean to or not. All this because one person got sick at the same time someone else I knew did. But one is worse off than the other. The one I was talking about is a quicker-fix. Not like what the first person has. But I was NOT MAKING FUN OF CANCER!!!!! DAMMIT!!!!!! I'd never do that! And these people should know better, having lost my father, and they knew all about it. I announced it on my facebook page!

Seriously. Just the fact these people would think such a thing as I would make fun of something like someone getting cancer, makes me want to beat the walls! Makes me want to destroy all my valued knick-knacks! Makes me want to bang my head on the bed as hard as I can and pull all my hair out by the roots! Makes me want to take every one of my dishes and just drop them on the floor until they break! In short, it makes me mad! Because that is just something I would never do! For the millionth time, cancer SUCKS!!!! I spent a whole week with an avatar that said "Stand up to cancer", and I meant it! I want it eradicated just as much as anyone. Now why would I spend a week with that avatar if I did not care, or if I thought cancer was a joke?! Tell me that one.

I'd love to spend the rest of my life with an avatar like that, but this is Michael's month. I have to keep on celebrating him. No matter what. If anyone wants to reach me, they know where to find me.
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