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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President Dump

LOL! That's what my sis calls him. I guess I'll have to learn to call him that myself. I didn't want either him or Hillary to win. Just once in my life, I would like to see a libertarian become president! The way my sis describes them, they are a little bit of both republican and democrat, without all the bullshit. But I honestly do not know which one would have been worse to have. Trump or Clinton. Both have really bad points. And when I say really bad, I mean REALLY bad!!!! Trump won the election. I kinda knew he would. I knew that from the beginning. Even though almost all my friends on Facebook are democrats. Somehow I still figured Trump would win. He's a jackass! Jackasses always win! He said the polls were rigged. I guess he's the one that rigged them. I'd be happy even if our country didn't have a leader. Either Trump or Clinton would have ruined things! I hate them both!

Well, I'll give Trump respect ONLY because I have to. But I'm not going to like it! There's just no way out of this country. Thanks to 9/11, those of us that are in this country have no choice but to stay. I'd rather move to Canada! But I found out in order to move to another country, you have to either have a job lined up there, or you have to have relatives. I don't have either one in Canada. I don't even have any in Mexico. Not that I know well enough to move there. I'm sure my dad has relatives there, but I never met them, and I wouldn't move to Mexico if my life depended on it! Even if I did know his relatives and we got along very well. I just don't like Mexico. Too hot for one thing. Another thing I do not speak the language. It's hard enough in this apartment complex with the majority of people here being spanish-only-speaking Mexicans. I cannot imagine how difficult living in Mexico would be for me. I always wanted to live in the UK. Or I did when I was younger. I do have a few facebook friends there. But what scares me are the people I don't know, or don't like. The British are some of the biggest belly-achers I've ever known! I don't really care to meet them in person! And with my luck the way it is, I'm likely to meet them. Then there is Australia. But I am not sure I can get used to their upside-down weather patterns. But they do have beautiful beaches there, I'll hand them that one!

There is one other good thing about Trump being president. LOL!! And I really should not write this. But remember back in August, just before I moved from Astoria, there was this woman who used to be my friend on Facebook named Katy Brewer. Well, she went batshit crazy one day, and told everyone that was voting for Trump to delete her from their friends. She thought she could tell all her friends how they can and cannot vote. Most of the people who deleted her were not even Trump supporters, but they deleted her because she was acting childish. At first when I saw her post, I thought the same thing I thought when I wanted the Yatesfags to delete me from their friends. But as I read on in the thread, Katy's responses to people she called her friends got more and more dark and sinister. I'd never seen her act like that before. I thought she was a GOD-fearing person. I guess I was wrong, because she acted like Satan that day. Some of these people who unfriended her, she had known for years too. All of a sudden, now, she was talking to them like the devil himself would.

I wonder how she's feeling now? LOL!! Knowing that Trump won. I bet she's pissed to high-heaven! I bet she hates the world now. It'd serve her right! She even deleted me because she said I was "so pathetic". LOL! She's the last person who should talk about anyone else being "pathetic". Her son is 35 years old now and still lives with her. His wife rejected him because he's a loser, he's too lazy to get a job, so he lives with his mom. And get this, both of them are on welfare. So, I'm like don't talk about me being pathetic until you've looked into your own backyard! Katy obviously did something wrong in raising her boy! LOL! But that's her problem. Not mine. I'm just saying.


mikessa said...

GOD, SHE'S UGLY!!!!!!!!!! There's a real welfare shit if I ever seen one.

I guess I will also have to get used to calling him "President Dump" too. I voted for the libertarian candidate, but unfortunately, he lost. At least he's handling it better than the whiny dummycrats who are upset that Clinton lost. They don't know the meaning of the word defeat and they intend to act like babies throughout this whole thing.

At least one good thing about Dump being president is that I get to hear a lotta libtards cry when they cant get their way. Its like watching a two year old throwing a temper tantrum. LOL!!!!!!

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

She's ugly inside AND out. I could not believe how childish she acted. Then had the nerve to call me "pathetic". I never even claimed to her who I supported. Nor did I feel the need to as it's none of her fucking business.

I'd just like to see a reasonable president sometime in my lifetime. We've had nothing but crap for as long as I can remember, and now it gets worse.