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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So Anyway...

It's still Michael's month, and I want to continue to celebrate it. I still love that man more than anything. I always will. No matter what happens. Anyways, I've been thinking pretty heavily about when I get my puppy. I do plan to get one soon. Or two. hehehe! I know exactly what breed(s) I want. But I am still not exactly ready right this minute to get a puppy. I need to get a few things done first. But I'm thinking now, it will not be long. Maybe, since I haven't been myself since I moved from Reno, getting a dog would be a very good thing for me. Maybe sooner rather than later. Just not right now. Maybe for my own birthday gift next year. hehehe!

I'm going to have this little theme for every pet I get from here on out. I want to name each one of my pets after INXS songs and lyrics. I've started a couple times, first with Hutchess, a cattle dog, and Mysti, a scottish terrier. Unfortunately, I only had Hutchess for a week 😭 I sure did cry like a fountain when she died. That was back when there was a parvo epidemic in our area. It was a big thing back then. Lots of puppies were coming down with it. The breeder said that Hutchess had had all her shots up to date, but for some reason, she was very susceptible to the parvo. Where and how she got it, I may never know because up until her, I had never had a dog that had parvo. Not even close. The vets even told me that cattle dogs do not get parvo usually. They said it was more common for dobermans and rottweilers to get it. Something about a gene linked also with the black and tan pattern that makes them more prone to catch parvo. Genes are a strange thing.

Well, ever since my incident with Hutchess, I've been taking drastic steps with every puppy I ever got to make sure that never happens again. And so far, it hasn't. Of course, I usually get smaller dogs. I don't want a bigger dog, not in an apartment. The breed(s) I have in mind are quite small, and seem to be a lot of fun. Smaller dogs are less likely to get parvo as well. It will be amazing to see the transformation this house will take with a dog running around the house! I'll also have a walking buddy! I cannot wait! I go on 4-mile walks daily, it'd be so nice to have some walking buddies by my side with their tails wagging all the way. I have made this decision, instead of an extended trip, I'm going to get myself a couple of puppies. I was spending most of the past weekend wondering how I was going to react to flying there anyways. I've never flown before. And to be truthful, it kinda scares me.

I know! I know! I said I wanted to do this movie!! But now that the time is drawing nearer, I can't help but think about the actual trip. Though it would be wonderful to visit Michael's memorial. But face it, Michael is not there. In a group I was on, someone said Michael's ashes were split 3 ways. His father got one set, which he dropped in Sydney Harbor. His mother and sister got another set, which they spread in an LA cemetery. And Paula got the last set, which no one knows what she did with it. And I started thinking after someone mentioned that, if he's not there, then what is the point in my even going? Maybe I should go to the cemetery in LA instead, at least he's there. And I wouldn't have to fly there either. Just take a car there. Or even a bus. Besides, I really, really, really, REALLY want this puppy! I need it! Like I said, I haven't been myself since I left Reno, and it is probably because I do not have a dog. I had Vegas when I lived in Reno, I haven't had him since I left. Dogs always make life more livable!

Gosh! Now that I've mentioned this, I am excited again. Been thinking a lot of dad for the past day or so since the word "cancer" has come to my ears again. And no, the person did not have cancer that I was talking about, for the 1000000 millionth time this week! Ahh well fuck it. But thinking of my father has gotten me a little on the depressed side again. Geez, and I thought I was over the crying! But it's not just the mere mention of the word cancer. I was watching a sitcom tonight, and the episode showed a boy who was reunited with his father, and they spent a fun day at the World's Fair. It made me tear up because it made me think back to the last time I saw my father before he moved to Arizona. We spent such a day together, and he always knew how to make it fun. Even though I am a grown-ass woman, I felt like a child going out that day with my pa. This is why I need this dog. Something upbeat to make me feel happy again. My pics of INXS are wonderful for a while, but after a while I crave something with an overactive tongue licking me and a sweet little tail waggling. That would make my world complete again.
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