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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Back To Video Blogs

I'm still here, just so you all know. I know it has been a while since I last wrote in this blog. That's because I've been having more fun creating videos. I am actually beginning to enjoy making videos now more than writing blogs. People reading words on a screen seems to cause them to misinterpret what is being written, or they make assumptions about what I am writing about. But in a video, it's a totally different story. In a video, you can say things, even sarcastically, and people know by your expressions and tone of voice that you are just being sarcastic. Whereas if the words are just written, they assume you really mean what you are saying. Shoot! That's why I miss having video comments allowed on my videos on Youtube. Not that many people really used that feature, and the last ones that did were a couple of teenagers who wanted to bash me because I'm a fat chick with her own opinion on why fat shaming does not work. But even then, I accepted their video comment because they had a right to their own opinions!

I did respect those teenagers for putting a video up of themselves bashing me though. Not many trolls do that. Most of them go trolling and bitching about how someone else looks and they have no pics or videos up of themselves. A couple days ago, I finished off a battle with this guy who called himself The Blythonian. He's from England. But he was bashing me because I love dogs and I hate cats, so he's a catfag. He hates dogs and thinks everyone else should too. But I cannot help how I feel. Cats are the spawn of Satan. Dogs are not. Look at how cats turn people against each other. I even saw it when my sis and I had cats. We had a cat that had kittens, and I actually grew to HATE those damn kittens!! Because they kept tearing up the house! They kept bringing fleas into the place. I couldn't wait to get rid of those damn kittens! I said I'm going to find whatever homes I can get for them, and I don't care if they are good homes with loving families, or bad homes where the takers feed them to a pet python, I just wanted those damn kittens OUT of my house!! My sis didn't like me saying that, and we almost got into a fist fight because I said that. That is a good example of how cats turn people against each other, which is why I will always believe cats are the spawn of Satan. Not real animals, but demons in disguise. Satan often comes in the form of something cute and overly friendly, so much so that people want to turn against others who don't like them. And ask any catfag why they like cats and they will all tell you "because they are so cute and sweet". It is said that when Satan comes, he will turn man against one another and all things good. Well, cats have done that. You should see some of the nasty comments I get from catfags on YouTube. And ALL of them are for nothing more than because I don't like cats. Also all those same people will tell you that they don't like dogs. And dogs actually love us. There is no logical reason not to like dogs.

I love animals. Not demons. So I don't like cats.

Anyways, The Blythonian began talking loudly about how fat I am and how ugly I am. And not just me! He began to attack Michael Hutchence too. He called Michael ugly and a philanderer, and called Lily Paula's "bastard child". Those were HIS words! And like I always do, I go to his channel to try and observe how much better he looks than me or Michael, knowing he's from England, I don't expect to find much. But I do notice he doesn't have a single picture or video up of himself. So, that night when he tried to bring that shit up again, I told him to shut the fuck up! I said I noticed he doesn't have any videos of himself on his channel so he's obviously hiding something. I told him at least I have the guts to put my ugly self on the internet! I have zero respect for anyone who comments so harshly about how bad I look, and yet they do not show their own faces online because those people are nothing more than a troll. It's like "grow some balls, put up a picture or video of yourself, THEN come to me about how ugly Michael or I look!" And I'll tell you, that troll had better look like a goddamn fucking Adonis!!! Because my Michael is damn-near perfect!

Well, I never heard back from The Blythonian, so I assume he could not handle the challenge. But seeing as how he doesn't like dogs, and he prefers cats, I guess I can safely assume he looks very similar to this...

Or since he's also from England, chances are he probably more looks like this...

Either way, neither one is as good looking as Michael was.

Anyways, I've been having fun making videos over the past week or so. I did one video about the radicals, and why I hate them.

The beginning of this video is rather disturbing, so watch with caution.

I also did one about a pitbull type dog attacking it's owner, and in this one I describe why sometimes I can understand why some people don't like dogs. Though I like dogs, and even pitbulls, what I don't like is bad owners and backyard breeders and puppymillers who breed the dogs that do this kind of shit.

But what has become most famous now are my videos where I talk about Onision. He is a hot topic now. Well, Onision is a radical! And I can't stand radicals! He really burned me up when I found out that he made some girl sign a contract. Not a job contract. But a dating contract. Kindof like a prenup contract. Coming from a feminist, I'd say that is very wrong! No one should sign a "dating contract". I told Onision if he had made me sign a contract before accepting me into a relationship, I'd tell him to shove it up his ass! Especially the fact that he would not let the girl see her family except on holidays. I wanted to rip him a new asshole! Yes, I was triggered!

I had to say something! I barely ever watch Onision's videos. Not much he puts out is worth watching. But ever since Katrina brought him to my attention, I've felt the need to see these and respond to his actions. I have another response video to his pedophile test, and you can see that on my channel.

One last thing; to Michael, Happy birthday boo!! Love ya!! Here's 57 kisses for you!

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