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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Longest Time Away!

Except for the times I didn't have a computer on me, this is the first time I've been away from my blog for so long! LOL! But I am still here. I've just been making more videos than writing blogs. I've been like a kid with a new toy! Because I got a new toy. I got this new video editing program, and I've been having some fun with it. Now that I have it, I've been able to slow videos way down, or speed them up, I've been able to stop videos as well, and make them go backwards too. So I've been having fun! I can do all kinds of things now with videos, and so I've been making more videos and trying to learn all the little tricks I can do with this video editing software. So that is why I haven't been writing more blog posts lately. But I have been having fun! I plan to do more nature videos as well. I also want to make more full-length movies as well. I know for sure I want to make one of the day I get my puppy. If the breeder will let me, I'd love to film the process of picking which puppy I want. I want to put that in the movie. That is the fun part of picking a puppy! I can already imagine my face is going to be like that of a kid in a candy store!

I'm going to get one puppy this year, and another one next year too. LOL! This apartment complex allows each tenant to have up to 2 pets. So I am going to take full advantage of it. I'll get this one now, train it, raise it, train it to my specifications, and next year get another puppy, and the older one can help raise the newer one. That's my plan. Maybe even, as an adult, the older dog can kinda take the newer one under his/her wing. Been in touch with some breeders, and I will be ready to get my baby by the beginning of June.

Anyways, I've even shared this software with Katrina. She had a cute idea for videos too. If my sis wants this software, I can share with her too. I'm trying to help Katrina learn how to use this program. At the same time, trying to learn it myself. She's using her character from UMG Productions to do these videos. People love drama. So, I told her to make her videos dramatic. She's like me, she hates political correctness, she's got the Beavis and Butthead influence, she's cute and funny, so I think she could do good making videos. But I know she cannot do it every day. Only for a little while as she is still off on maternity leave. Although she said she is getting more hours at work. That makes her happy, because she is not used to being cooped up in the house all day. She even said she's put on 30 pounds that she needs to take off.

I also discovered Dailymotion, and they allow you to put up pay-per-view videos. I like that! And lately, I've been using Pivotshare. Don't get me wrong, Pivotshare is a good site. But they charge per minute. Dailymotion doesn't. The only thing I don't like about Dailymotion is the time limit. They only allow you to post up to a 60-minute video. They need to fix that. Some of my movies are longer than that! Like my Montana movie. I might even do that movie over again in HD, now that I have this software! I recommend it if you love making videos and like using special effects! It's from Cyberlink, it's called Power Director and they got version 15 out now. I love it! It does a lot of cool things with your videos!

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