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Monday, February 20, 2017

Feminists Go Too Far!

I have now seen it all. Feminists are some of the most vile creatures on the planet. Take a good look at this video of a woman who shows off her period, like some kind of badge of honor...

That is so disgusting on so many levels, and it is a feminist thing. She says she doesn't think periods should be taboo. But it's not about what is taboo. This is just plain disgusting! I don't care about the taboo thing. I get the whole "women shouldn't be ashamed of their periods" thing. It is a natural process that every woman goes through. But this is just disgusting! I would not want this woman coming to my house and sitting down anywhere with that stuff running through her clothes! I wouldn't let her on my chair, nor my sofa, I wouldn't even let her sit down on my floor. If she did, I'd make her clean it when she got up!! Even in public places, like a park bench or anything like that, I wouldn't want to sit down in the same spot she did! I wouldn't want someone else's red stuff on my pants! That is gross!!

Then I also see pictures like this...

Yes, you probably guessed it, those women are indeed dressed up in fucking vagina costumes!! Most of the time when I see people in costume, it's something cute like a teddybear, or Mickey Mouse, or Goofy, or even a puppy dog, and I expect them to wave hello. But shit!!! Wearing a costume in the form of a vagina??? That's so fricken DUMB!!!! You're darn tootin' you're nasty women! That is as stupid an outfit as I have ever seen! It's an embarrassment to women! And yes, I would say the same if I saw men parading down the street dressed up like a bunch of penises! This is a feminist thing.

Feminism began in the 1920s, when women wanted to have the right to vote. So they got the right to vote. Personally, I don't care!!!!! I never go with common vote, any more than I ever go with popular opinion. I vote libertarian. How many people exactly can you say do that? Hardly anyone. Most people are either democrat or republican. Really, there is nothing a man now has that women don't have. Women now can do anything any man does. But again, I do not care! I really don't. I like being doted on by my man. I want to actually return back to the days of chivalry. Feminism ruined that too. It's feminists who killed chivalry. Though this new trend of single parent households has helped kill it as well. But feminists actually pulled the trigger.

I don't care about having equal rights. Listen, do you women really want to be treated equally to men? I mean, REALLY??? I don't. Because I am not a man. I want to be treated like a lady. Remember, men get into these testosterone-fueled rages. Women don't. I've seen women (girls mostly) strike men, still with this mindset that a man won't ever strike a woman. Well, thanks to feminists, that is not so anymore. Women wanted to be treated as equals. So, if a woman strikes a man, she should not be surprised that he is going to strike back. And again, remember, they are fueled by testosterone. That gives them more power than a woman will ever have. Like the difference between a car that runs on 4 cylinders and one that runs on 6 cylinders. No matter how fast you run it, one will always have more power than the other because that's just the way they're built.

This also means that when a man takes a woman on a date, he won't be obligated to pick up the check. A lot of men now are saying "We'll take separate checks". Although I am on the fence about this one. If a man asks a woman to go on a date with him, then I think it is the same as him offering to pay for her dinner as well as his. If he's asking to take her on a date, then he is trying to impress her. So he should pay the bill. But if she makes the date, then she should pay the whole bill. Or at least half. If it's an unintended, mutual date, then it'd be appropriate to split the bill. But see this is the kind of thing "equal rights" brings on. Whether a man asks a woman for a date, or a woman asks a man for a date, women now want equal rights, so men are giving it to them.

I've actually gotten to a point now where if I see a woman hitting a man and he hits her back, I actually laugh. It's like those old Tom and Jerry cartoons. On some of those cartoons, Jerry would often take advantage of Tom, because Tom wouldn't be able to harm Jerry for whatever reason. Jerry would play Tom like a fiddle and do the most outrageous things to him that he would never normally be able to do. Until Tom snaps. There is actually an episode like that. Several in fact! But some women will strike men believing that men are not supposed to strike a woman. But men don't think that way anymore. Me personally, I would never strike a man. Ever! I believe in live and let-live. I leave other people alone, and they hopefully will leave me alone. Everyone is happy, no one gets harmed in any way, we all go home safe and sound!

Well, you all know how much I hate radicals. These radical feminists are no different than any other radicals. From now on, I am going to refer to them as "femtards". Because that is what they are.

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