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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hitting A Dry Run

I haven't had a video idea in days, so I'm going to make a blog post. This happens. Just like when I write stories, I have dry spells. In my case, the dry spell has lasted about 10 years now. My stories are now few and far between. Those ideas I have had I got from ideas I jotted down nearly 20 years ago. Or sometimes more than that. But in recent years, my story ideas have been incomplete. I have the beginnings, and I get the plot, but no idea how to end the story. I've always been bad at endings. I need to get back in touch with my story-writing buddies again! I lost touch with Cathy when we moved from Ocean Shores. I chat with Cairo sometimes, but he's not writing anymore stories these days because he has other interests now. Trisha is busy with her grandkids, spoiling them rotten. So, I am pretty much on my own now.

Well, as much as I love making videos, I can't do it every day, or even every week. I do it when I can think of something to talk about and that's it. I'd like to be able to keep my audience entertained 100% of the time, but I've never been one for making daily videos. My apologies to my loyal viewers. One thing that always gets hits is my Onision videos. People LOVE those!! But really, that is not the direction I want my channel to go in. I don't want to do videos constantly bashing Onision. I think the guy needs help and I hope someday he gets it. Hopefully before he even dreams of delving into another relationship! Like I said before, I hate being mean. Even to those people who deserve it. Which is why I am not just saying "Onision needs serious help!" But I am also saying "I hope he gets it soon" and I actually mean it. Unlike what other people will have you believe, I'm not an insincere person. Of course those people do not know me. They only think they do. LOL!! It's funny how people think they know everything there is to know about a person just by what that person writes on the internet, based solely on what is "popular opinion". LOL!

A perfect example of that is when someone came in here (I believe I know who it was) and tried to turn Katrina against me by saying "She sounds nice on her blog, but wait until you get to know her better. You'll change your mind." Not even realizing that Katrina knows me FAR better than he does and ever will know me. Katrina and I have been friends for over 25 years, since she was really little. And 5 years of that time was spent living with me and my sis. So, the person who made that comment will never know me like Katrina does. LOL! But it goes to show you all that people do indeed judge others based on what is written on the internet as well as what is popular opinion. Everyone except me that is. I have never been one for going by popular opinion. I prefer to get to know the person myself. THEN make a judgment. But I am also not unyielding. I can change my perception, if I were to ever meet the person I am talking about. If I meet them, and I find my online views of that person were wrong, I will often say "I have met (and/or spoken with) that person and (s)he was a very nice person." I always try to meet people in person with an open mind. But also with a lot of caution if I know them to be nasty people online. An excellent example of this would be Catsredrum. If I were to meet her in person, I would try to do so with an open mind. But also very cautiously, since she is known to say some messed-up things. But it could have been just an online persona to make herself look tougher than she actually is. One never really knows until they've actually met the person.

Now, I have to confess one thing. I've never said this before outside my homelife. But I never liked the Hutch fans. Before I go on about that, don't misunderstand me. I have known some very genuinely sweet Michael fans out there. But they are becoming so few and far between now. They seem to be getting very sensitive these days. And I don't like the popular people. I actually like those who are not afraid to speak their mind, no matter what. Those are actually the most sincere people you will ever meet. It's the ones who stay quiet about how they really feel that I worry most about. Or the people who are afraid to go against popular opinions. When I say "popular opinion", I mean like the people who want to censor those who do not like Paula Yates (for example) because they don't want anyone talking bad about Lily's mom. Well, I don't agree with that at all. I say let Lily hear the truth about her mom; good and bad. Paula Yates was not an angel, despite what the Yatesfags want Lily to believe.

I used to be that way. I used to believe in withholding the truth to spare someone's feelings. But I found that was a terrible mistake. People need negativity sometimes. If you never point out a person's bad points, how are they going to learn? I faced that when I used to have a chihuahua forum. People would come in wanting to breed their ugly Taco Bell dog lookalikes and the last thing we need in chihuahuas is specimens that say the Taco Bell look is the best way to breed for in chihuahuas. I held my tongue, but I was not happy with the results I kept seeing from the people in that forum. That was a reflection on me and my own learning process! Even though I had no connection with these people, other than the forum. But the fact these people were breeding dogs with bad legs, long noses, bad bites, and even crossing breeds, it was still a reflection on me. I didn't like that. It told people I wasn't doing my job. So, I decided from then on I was going to always be honest no matter what. And yes, I have lost friends because I am so honest. Even to a point of being brutally honest. Most people especially hate it when you are brutally honest. They call it "negativity". I call it "Something that has to be said for the good of all concerned". Shoot! I even prefer people be brutally honest about me! I'd rather have honest than nice. Trust me when I say I can take it. LOL! I'm very thick-skinned. Normally. I'm still in the process of healing from losing my father. But I am getting better day by day.

I am back on Facebook, but I don't want any INXS buds right now. Now, I am only back on for very close friends and family. That is all. Though I am back on groups. One group I am on is uncensored, which is what I like. The people act like a bunch of rednecks, but at least they are people like me, who are not afraid to speak their mind, and they don't get banned for it either. I remember my first day there, someone was telling me about banned words (from Facebook), and I said "what about the word fag?" He said that was a banned word and added "you might want to remove that". I thought I did remove it, but apparently I didn't. But I didn't get banned for it either. They thought I did though. One guy asked me after I hadn't been on for a while "Are you enjoying that suspension?" LOL! I told him I wasn't suspended. And I wasn't! LOL! I was still there. The fact is, I've used the word "fag" on Facebook before, and nothing happened. I've called the Yatesfags "Yatesfags" right to their faces and didn't get banned. I guess the word "fag" isn't strong enough. Or they know some countries use that word to describe cigarettes. Some people from Australia said I was making fun of gay people when I use the word "fag". I said I thought the Australians would be the first ones to get that joke! I can see Americans making the assumption, but I thought the Australians would be the first ones to understand the connection I made between fire and angry fans. They're the ones who call cigarettes "fags" themselves! LOL!

So to American people, I call angry fans "radicals". To Australians I call angry fans "fags". LOL! That's not censoring. That's making an adjustment to another culture.

I don't know, I'm American. I should always use American terms. But I started this because of INXS, and INXS are Australian. So are most of their fans now. So I use an Australian metaphor around them. I actually got that from Encyclopedia Dramatica, which I think is not there no more. I don't know I haven't been there in quite a while. I lost the link to my page on there. I used to read it when I was down and needed a laugh. I really mean that too. I liked it! LOL! Well, my dad's favorite expression was "smile and the world smiles with you". So, I try to always smile, even when I am feeling down. I'm currently still on the emotional roller coaster. I don't expect that to change soon. But everyone has their own patterns of mourning. I guess because I know and understand that, that people think I am faking my grieving process. But no, the only reason I know it is because I've been there before. Several times. The last 2 times I've lost individuals I love, hasn't been any different than it is now. That's why I expected this to happen. I just need to stay away from these damn social justice warriors when I lose a member of my family or a close friend. That's why I don't want any INXS friends now. Probably never will. I may rejoin some groups, but I don't think I'm going to even try to make any friends with anyone anymore. Except maybe the people who actually spoke with me, instead of acting like the dumbass SJWs and jumping on the anti-TimmyHutchFan bandwagon.

Katrina, wise beyond her years, tells me I need to tell people to fuck off more often. Go back to the "get them before they get me" mentality. My oldest sis says I need to stop associating with liberals. But I guess I refused to believe most of the people I called "friends" were indeed liberals. But they were. I didn't want to face it, but it is what it is. It cannot change. I know the saying that goes when most people don't like you, then the problem is you. But that's only half true really. Sometimes, we pick the wrong kind of people to hang out with too. That was the case for me. I picked liberals, and I don't fit in with liberals. The real problem is I am a unique kind of person. Maybe even one of a kind. It takes a special kind of person to understand me. I've been having fun in this uncensored group. I don't know who I like yet though. But at least there are very few liberals on there. I tend to always find them out. LOL!

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