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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Don't Care About Your Silly "Pronouns"

UGH!!! This is totally STUPID!!! And it goes against everything Nature created. I might have mentioned something similar to this before on this blog, but now people want us all to believe there is more than 2 genders. I was just watching a video someone did about Onision, and it was about his wars on Twitter. He refers to his wife as "they", after he mentions his wife's name. I've been hearing the same thing come from the transsexual community. It's ridiculous! The whole "pronoun" thing is silly. Sorry but if you look like a man and talk like a man, I'm going to call you "he". If you look like a woman and talk like a woman, I'm going to call you "she". I don't care what other "pronouns" you think exists. Nature made only TWO genders. That's all that is needed in the world.

Well, Onision's wife Lainey, wants him to start calling her "they", which is stupid as fuck!! First of all, just because she identifies as gender-neutral does not mean she doesn't have a gender. She'd have to get rid of the name. "Lainey" is listed as a girl's name. You can't keep that name and expect people to treat you as "agendered". Lainey is actually a short-version of the name Elaine, which is a girl's name. So I hear someone with that name, I'm going to refer to that person as "she". Another thing, Lainey has a child, which means she's been pregnant. You can't be "agendered" and have been pregnant. Only women get pregnant. Now, I never had kids, so if I wanted to I could identify myself as "agendered". But I don't want to. So, with that as well, I'm going to refer to Lainey as a "she".

Another thing, "they" indicates more than one person. In this video, it was shown Onision tweeted "Lainey did not cheat. They did not do this... They did not do that...etc" That alone sounded dumb! Like I said, "they" is a pronoun used to indicate more than one person, and since he's talking about one person, Lainey, using the pronoun "they" sounds rather inane. Sometimes I use the pronoun "they" when I want to completely cover up the identity of the person I am talking about, and since he already mentioned Lainey's name at the beginning of that post, to call her "they" sounds invalid. Now, someone like Paula Yates I might call "they", because without those fake silicon boobs, she'd look just like a man. Yet, she's had children. I think. So I don't know. Therefore, I'd call Paula Yates "they" until someone told me "that's a man" or "that's a woman".

This is why I am not politically correct. I don't want to be either. I am not going to call someone "they" unless I am covering up their identity. I actually get called a man all the time. I have people saying to me a lot "is this a man or a woman?" But you know what? I don't care! I just don't. LOL! That may sound fake, but it's true. It doesn't bother me. It's fun leaving them to ponder while I just move on. Nature did not intend for this politically correct behavior to become the norm. I don't see wolves in the wild saying to the deer they attack "oh excuse me, could you please give me a chunk of meat from your leg? I need to feed my cubs. Thank you." Political correctness is not nature's way. If I believe you to be a man, I'm going to call you a man. If you look like a woman to me, then that is what I am going to call you. I don't go for this agender bullshit, because that is not something that nature invented. It's something that modern humans invented to create more harsh feelings between people.

I don't know, maybe this is Onision's fault. Maybe he's encouraging his women to be gay. Or asexual. I'd probably turn gay if I had to be Onision's girlfriend. No thank you! They get together with him when they are perfectly normal, then they stay with him for a while and they turn gay, maybe because Onision likes gay women? Maybe he has a fetish for them. But it seems all his women turn gay after they've been with him for a while. He's always talking about what an "attractive" woman looks like. Well, I can tell you so far, that NONE of Onision's women has been attractive at all. Shiloh was not that attractive, even before he made her shave her head and eyebrows. Lainey is not that attractive, and I think that's what Onision does to his women. He makes them unattractive, until they leave him. Then they blossom right back up again.

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