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Thursday, February 2, 2017

"Mourning" Sickness

Well, this is a new thing I read about this morning! It's called "mourning" sickness. I've heard of morning sickness, but never mourning sickness. But apparently, it's when a whole mass of people feel sadness over the death of some public figure. While we all feel sad when something bad happens to someone, usually whether we know them or not, I think this term refers to just a deep, melancholy feeling that spreads. The term was coined in 1996, and became more prevalent when Princess Diana died a year later. I'll tell you one thing, I hate the English press! I heard that's why the car crashed that killed Diana, and I know for damn sure that is what made my Michael go over the edge and kill himself. Don't the English know when enough should be enough?! Or are they really that ignorant?

I personally felt nothing when Princess Diana died. Nothing at all. It was just another in a long line of celebrity deaths that happen every year. But I never felt anything for Diana when she got married, when she had kids, when she got divorced, I never followed her life, and so I never felt anything for when she died. I'm not saying I am happy she's gone, I'm just saying that her death meant nothing to me. My ma even got sick of hearing about nothing but her death and funeral for 4 weeks after. It seemed that was all over the news. And all I could think of was "I'm missing my TV shows!" That meant more to me than Diana's dying. LOL! That may seem heartless to most people, but that's the way it is with me. If I don't know the person who died, or I never cared about them, I'm not happy, but I'm also not sad they are gone. I'm just aloof and indifferent. That's just the way it goes.

Well, it's a good thing I didn't mourn over Diana's dying at all. Because just a couple months later, Michael Hutchence died. And you can believe me when I say I cried like a fountain. It was days before my handkerchief was dry again! LOL! I don't know why, but up until around the time Princess Diana died, I hadn't thought anything of INXS. In 1996 I heard about the opium charge brought against Michael, and I remember thinking then how glad I was that I was no longer an INXS fan. I don't know if it was Diana's death that triggered a renewed interest in INXS again. That would really be hard to determine now. Though it is highly unlikely as I wouldn't have seen the connection back then. All I know is, around that time I began to look a little more often at this dust-covered picture I had of them. Whereas before that time, I hadn't even given it a second glance.

I can see Diana's death being covered in the news, and even her funeral. But why the hell did it have to drag on for 4 weeks after???? That, I have trouble understanding. Who cares!?!? How long does it take to announce "Princess Diana died today in a car crash"? What more is there to say? Hundreds of people apparently witnessed it. It should be just like this; Day one: Princess Diana died today in a car crash caused by the lousy English paparazzis who don't know when to back the fuck off! Day 2: Say nothing. Day 3: maybe announce there will be a funeral service for Princess Diana. Day 4: Have the funeral service and cover it on the news. That is all! That's all that needs to be announced. Don't drag it on for 4 weeks! That's what Michael's death was like. And frankly, it was enough for me. I didn't even watch Michael's funeral. Someone I love and cared so much about (I did want to marry him) I can never bring myself to attend his funeral. Let alone watch it on TV. That's just how I am. I know it's weird, but that's just how I am.

To this day, I still have not seen the whole funeral for Michael. Funerals are too final. Like they're gone for good. I don't really like thinking of Michael that way.

Well, Michael was my sole contribution to "mourning sickness". So far. I mean, I don't weep for people I don't know or don't care about. Uhh unless it involves cancer, but that's because cancer SUCKS!!!! I wish cancer would be totally eradicated! Plus, it killed my pa. How can I get over that? But as long as we have cars we will have car crashes. They totally SUCK, but it seems you cannot get anywhere nowadays unless you have a car. And anyways, Diana's death was more because of the paparazzis. I put the blame on them. They need to learn to back the fuck off there in England! My ma still wants to go there. I'm telling her she'd better be careful because the people are just obnoxious!

I used to want to visit the UK. I heard stories about it, and I've seen pics of it and it almost looks like a dream world. But I meet people from there and it's just like I hope I never go there! If I do, I hope to GOD I never meet anyone there. That's the last damn thing I need now!! LOL! Though I do have a couple friends there. That's it, just a couple. And they are nice. But so far, they've been the only ones I've met that were nice. No others outside of them. But then they are not influenced by this radical, Paula Yates bullshit. In fact, one of these friends even said she met Paula Yates, and said she was bitchy and she hated her. LOL! So, she's by far not a fanatic!! That would be the only kind of English person to meet.


mikessa said...

The British people are worse than we are now and the media is nothing but a big celebrity shit. They get big money for doing stories about celebrities and only the young and stupid would believe them. That's why they keep doing it.

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Leave it to the English. I sure do hope ma comes back in one piece.