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Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Pet Peeves With Vlogs

I like doing vlogs. Vlogs basically are video blogs. I get on camera and talk about my life or some other subject that comes up, like when I talked about Onision chaining his girlfriend to the wall of his basement. But anyways, I've seen some other peoples' vlogs and I've noticed not everyone does them in a way I would want to see them done. Some of the worst mistakes I've seen people make with vlogs are things I want to talk about here. These are things people should NEVER do in vlogs!!! This should be like the Golden Rules of Vlog Creating.

This is my #1 pet peeve with vlogs!!!! If you are going to do a video blog, NEVER use background music!!! I was once subscribed to this woman (I was also once her friend on Facebook) named Linda Memphis on YouTube, and she had her own variety of vlogs. Well, I am not her friend on Facebook anymore (that's her fault too), and I unsubbed her on YouTube after I found out she unsubbed me. LOL! Well, long story there. But to be honest, I did not really enjoy her videos anyways. The main reason I didn't like her videos much is because she always had to have that stupid background music!! And the music was almost as loud as her talking! If you absolutely MUST have background music in your vlogs, then at least have the decency to make the music barely audible! I often click out of vlogs where the music is too loud. And really, if you feel you have to have background music in a vlog, then your video must be pretty shitty anyways. Which brings me to my next pet peeve...

2. Talk only about things I (as a listener) would find interesting.
While I found Linda Memphis' Tom Jones video to be interesting (it was the most interesting in her video line-up), I have seen other vlogs where people talk about "I got up this morning, I cleaned my teeth, I took a shower, I ate breakfast..." and blah-blah-blah. I don't care to hear about how you get ready in the morning or how you prepare to go to bed at night! Skip that bullshit and get to the real story!!! That's why I clicked on your video to begin with!

3. Some vlogs are too long!
It's different if you are writing a blog, but doing a 20-minute video blog you'd better have a damn good story to tell!! And do more editing in your vlog! Leave out the "umm"s and pauses and little slips of the tongue you have while making your video!

4. Leave out the stupid cats!!!
I know *most* people on the internet like cats nowadays. But that doesn't mean all of us do. I don't care to see your dumb cat!!! Especially if it's a damn gray tabby! If it's a dog I'd love to see it though. But if its a dumb cat, no, I don't care to see it! I'm sure as Hell not going to tell you your dumb cat is "cute"!!! Because most likely, it won't be cute.

Well, those are my biggest pet peeves with vlogs. If everyone followed these rules, vlogs would be a lot more enjoyable.

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