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Monday, February 20, 2017

Uncensored Groups Are NOT For Wussies

Sorry wussies. Uncensored groups are for adults. You've got to have at least one set of balls in order to enter. If you don't have them, then prepare yourself for a massive overload of butthurt. I was a little bit disappointed to find out that my old INXS group, Tim-Hutch Love, has now been reduced to a liberal group. I want to make it clear, I have nothing personal against the woman I left in charge. But when I was the administrator, I allowed free speech in that group. People could come in and say whatever was on their mind. Now, Katrina tells me it has become another group like the MH And His Life Fan Group. That is exactly what I didn't want to have happen! I really wanted it to remain a free speech group. I know Katrina really doesn't care. She told me she likes this other group better. But still!!! It kinda pisses me off that people, in what was once my group, are now being kicked off for speaking their mind! I never would have done that.

Well, that is OK. Because I have created another INXS group. But it is a secret group. You cannot find it using Facebook's search engine. I don't want a lot of liberals in there, griping about "You shouldn't talk that way about Lily's mom" and all that other bullshit when someone says Paula Yates was a dumbass bitch. It's not my fault Michael chose a brood sow to have his daughter with. So, if I feel like insulting Paula Yates, I'm gonna do it. Sorry if Michael doesn't like it, but I don't like her. She killed him. I've explained many times on here why I do not like Paula Yates. If you want to read more, go back to the archives. So, that is what my new group is for. And to ogle Michael and Timmy too. hehehe! I want to pick up where I left off at. Besides, I needed an INXS fix every day, and now I got it. I might get around to inviting family and very close friends in there, but no one else. My sis is not an INXS fan, neither is my ma. But we can also use the group to have family discussions in.

Well, I got most of the liberals and radicals blocked, they cannot see my account on Facebook. Although they can view this blog still. LOL! Really, I am still not ready for any INXS buds yet. I'm kindof enjoying my time away from them. One of the things Rosanda said to me in our last chat was that I owed Kelly Poulter a public apology. LOL! Funny. Well, I am here to say she will NEVER get one. Even if I was talking about her when I made that post (now taken down), I wouldn't apologize to Kelly Poulter! Never! The only thing I apologized for was for the confusion, seeing as how I had no idea Kelly P. was also ill at the time. Though her illness was of a different nature than the one the person I was talking about had. But no, Kelly ain't getting NO apologies from me. Not in this lifetime nor any other. Know why? Because Kelly Poulter seems like the kind of person to me that if I had apologized to her, she would handle it in one of two ways. Either she would 1. take a mean advantage of it; or 2. would just poo-poo on it saying "I'm not buying it at all!" And someone that I even remotely feel is like that, I refuse to waste any apology on. Those are 2 of the biggest reasons I never apologize to anyone in the first place anymore.

I used to freely hand out apologies when I was proven wrong. But guess what, Roger Melvin at my old apartment back in Bozeman, ruined that. Yes, I am pointing fingers or "gas-lighting", whatever you want to call it. Because it is what it is. I made a sincere apology to him for a note I left on his door. I was almost in tears because I felt so bad doing that to him, and he hadn't done anything to deserve that. So I was sincere in my apology to him. But he turned around and threw it right back in my face. And I believe Kelly Poulter to be exactly the same kind of person Roger was. So, no. She'll never get an apology from me. Well anyways, Rosanda was different afterwords, saying that regardless of who I was talking about, and all that. I just wanted the record to show that she had NO idea who or what I was talking about. But thank GOD she is over that bullshit that I owe Kelly P. an apology!! LOL! Because she'll never get it.

I am totally different. I'm pretty quick to forgive people. I have the mindset that any person who is big enough to use those words "I'm sorry" deserves forgiveness. Those are two of the hardest words to use! They sound easy, but they're really not. But I do also have limits. I am not a woman of a thousand chances. For me, once an apology is given, I can forgive the person. But if what they were guilty for the first time happens again, I will not guarantee I will fully forgive them next time. I try to always be fair. I did try to straighten things out with Roger, I told him the truth. I made no excuses to him at all. I just told him that it was me who left that note on his door, and that I felt bad doing it, and that I was very sorry I did it. That was pretty much all I said to him. I never said why I did it nor nothing. He never asked me why. I didn't put any blame on him. I just said I did it and I was sorry for doing it. What Roger did after was rather childish, though I did not blame him for doing it. I felt it was basically him getting even. Since I had already apologized to him, it was unwarranted, but really, you'd have to know the kind of person Roger was in order to understand why I did not take what he said personally. Roger is very deeply disturbed. He's a man who has remained a boy throughout his life.

Anyways, I don't understand why people go into a group that is labeled "Uncensored" or "something- Against-something" and then gets all butthurt because the people will state when they don't agree with that person. They often leave in spades, calling everyone "losers" or "cunts". That's why I have an uncensored group about INXS. The people I choose to come in can come in and speak their mind no matter what. And they can do it without fear of being banned from the group. Censorship makes me sick! That is what is wrong with the world today. We're not letting people be people anymore. We want to shut other people up who do not see things the same way the populace does. Well, I will never be silenced. I won't allow it. Katrina and I actually spoke on the phone with each other the other night, she also told me that someone kept adding her to the MH and His Life Fan Page. She told them to stop it. Let me spell this out, Katrina is NOT a big INXS fan. She likes Jon and JD, and that's it. She's not a huge fan of the band like I am. And she does not care to make friends with other INXS fans. Well, she's not like me anyways. She does not dote on Facebook friends. She doesn't get actively involved with them. Like if you're feeling bad and looking for a shoulder to cry on, Katrina will most likely tell you to call a shrink. She tells me I need to be more like that, and sometimes I think she may be right. I was too doting on my Facebook buds on my last account, and I still got kicked in the ass in the end. So, maybe Katrina is right. I need to stop being so friendly and be more aloof like her.

Well, the friendly, kind-hearted, doting, reliable TimmyHutchFan is now dead. She will not rise again. Next time I invite INXS buds onto my Facebook, I am remaining completely aloof. No more patting people on the back, no more being the shoulder to cry on, no more words of encouragement from me ever again. I won't waste my time or emotional energy anymore. Once I get my puppy, that is who I am going to spend all my affectionate energies on. No more people. Unless I actually know them. I mean, I have actually met them. But people I've not yet met will never get any of that from me ever again. That is IF I do decide to accept INXS friends ever again. If one of them wants to meet, I will figure out a way to do so with them, if at all possible. I'll meet them face-to-face. But until then, I'll not accept them as "friends" again. But only as mere online entities.

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