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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dogs Are NOT Vegetarians!!!!!

I need to add this to the long list of dumb shit vegans say. They think that dogs can get by on a 100% vegetarian diet. I hear it from vegans all the time. Honestly, I don't know who started this campaign that dogs are vegetarian animals, but it's definitely NOT TRUE!!! In case you people forgot, dogs are domesticated wolves. How often do you see, or hear of, wolves grazing in a grass pasture? I never have, and I've been watching nature shows for years. Vegan Gains is a person on YouTube who is a fanatical vegan, and he recently got a puppy that he put on a strictly beans and rice diet. No meat whatsoever! The poor puppy went hungry, and almost died of starvation because it refused to eat something that is not part of it's normal diet, all because the owner is a dumbass who wants to force his beliefs on innocent animals left in his care. Then he has the gall to call the breeder a "dumbass" because she demanded the puppy back.

Seriously, I don't know who's idea it was to advise people that dogs are vegetarian animals. They are NOT vegetarians!!!! They are Omnivores!!! But ya know, Vegan Gains is not the first vegan I've ever seen buy into that stigma. In vegan language, the word "omnivore" does not exist. They see the world in black and white. In a vegan's mind, you're either a carnivore or a herbivore. You can't be both. Yes, sometimes wolves eat berries, but that's only a small part of their diet. It does not make up more than 50% of their dietary needs. More often, they prefer to hunt down a deer for consumption. Dogs need at least 50% meat in their diet, otherwise they will suffer malnutrition. Just because you may see some wolves in the wild eating some berries, does not mean they can survive on a 100% vegan diet. And don't listen to PETA!!! They exaggerate! PETA will show you a film of wolves and foxes picking off berries and tell you "This makes up about 90% of the animal's diet", when really, it's maybe a 5-minute berry-snacking session that was just filmed at different angles, and grossly exaggerated to make it look like that's how wolves and foxes spend their entire days.

I think this is why vegans own cats, besides the fact that cats give them that "blood-lust" they crave. A cat will eat anything that smells "meaty" and not complain. Even if the food has no meat in it. But a cat will quietly lay back and die slowly on a vegan diet, and a cloudy-minded vegan would never know it. Cats don't act sick usually until they are just about on death's doorstep. A dog, on the other hand, if you put a meal of nothing but vegan crap in front of it, the dog will look at you as if to say "Are you kidding me?!" and reject it and go digging in the garbage can for meat scraps. If there are no meat scraps they can scavenge, they will starve themselves until they get it. This must be part of the reason vegans usually only own cats. Cats don't complain. A dog does.

Vegan Gains thinks he's funny. Well, let me tell you, he's NOT! I don't call waving guns in the air, or shooting at the camera saying "So-n-so this is for you", or threatening to slash someone's throat just because that person eats meat, funny. I don't call that funny at all! And Vegan Gains is the same fucktard who, when his grandpa was having a heart-attack, he grabbed his camera and started filming him. He was going to put that video up on YouTube to "show what eating meat does to you". That is until his family begged him not to put that video up. This kind of person is what I call a cuck! That's a cross between a cock-sucker and a cunt! Vegan Gains is a whole new brand of cuckery. He probably watches the video he made of his grandfather's heart attack, sits back and laughs. To me, that is sad! To me, nothing is more important than family. I could never do that. I know, yes, I did take pics of my father on his dying bed, but I did not do it to make fun of him. I've never posted those pics online, nor did I ever want to. Nor will I ever post those pics! And ya know, to this day, I've only seen those pictures once, and that was right after my sis sent them to me. I've not seen them since. But I do still keep them on my harddrive. They're the last thing I have of my father, and that is why I took those pics. Not for morbid reasons, nor to post them online for other people to gape at!

My stepmom didn't even need to ask me not to post those pics on Facebook. I had no intention of doing it anyways. That was not the reason I took them.

To film his grandfather dying and even want to post the video to YouTube, it makes me sick!!! Makes me want to cry! And for a dumbass reason like he wants to show the world this is what happens if you eat meat! It makes me think Vegan Gains needs some serious help! I hope he gets it. Or at least grows up!!! This vegan thing is only a fad, it'll last only as long as dipshits like Vegan Gains keeps believing things PETA and Gary Yourofsky says. Well, neither one of those are reliable sources of information. Yourofsky is nothing but a failed journalist, and PETA is a terrorist organization that steals donor money under false pretenses. And he calls his sources "the most intelligent, reliable researchers in the world". Any time you have someone claiming their sources are "the most anything" in the world, you know it's nothing but bullshit! A lot of the sources Vegan Gains claims are "reliable" are actually only paid by PETA, and other such orgs, to say veganism is good. I'm sure a lot of them really do not believe a 100% vegan diet is 100% ideal for humans. If you ask them for their most honest opinion, I'm sure they'll tell you that humans do need some meat in their diet. I've yet to find a doctor anywhere that has ever said humans need to be 100% herbivores.

So take that Vegan Gains!! Stick it down your throat and blow it out your ass, you sick bastard!!!

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