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Monday, March 27, 2017

Just Because I Don't Like SJWs....

Seriously, what is wrong with some people? I got into it today with a guy on one of the anti-SJW groups I am in on Facebook. Really! This guy is either a teenager (or in his early 20s), or he's just particularly dumb! The only reason I don't block him is because I am actually finding him to be quite entertaining. I know this is an anti-SJW group, but there are some instances where I just have to show some compassion towards people. One of those is suicide. It hits close to home, partly because of my Michael and also because I've been on that road myself, many times. This guy said I am a snowflake. I was like "Just because I don't like SJWs does not mean I cannot have some amount of compassion for some people!" I said bullying can lead to suicide. It happens. But his attitude was like "Let them die!"

I don't want to sound like one of those snowflake SJWs, but that doesn't mean I have to sound like a complete asshole either. And when it comes to bullying and suicide, I cannot help but feel compassion for those people. I've been through both. And I'd be lying if I ever said I never wanted to kill myself because of bullying. Although it affected me much worse when I was a kid than it does now. When I lost my father was probably the worst I've felt in a LONG time! Then to find out the people, who I thought were friends, really weren't did not make the situation any better. Thank GOD I had some real friends that were patient and accepting when I was on that emotional rollercoaster, which I am still on today, but since I don't have to deal with those pseudo-"friends" right now (and ever), I'm getting better. But losing my father was bad enough. It was enough to make me want to end myself. So, to hear someone like this asshole say that people who are suicidal because of bullying should just kill themselves, kinda struck a chord with me.

My father did some things when I was a kid that today I don't agree with (even back then I didn't agree with it). But losing him was like losing one of my best and truest friends. It's still going to take a while to get used to him not being here. His phone number is still on my cell phone's contact list. I just can't bring myself to delete it. I look back on birthday cards he has sent me in the past, I see his handwriting, and it makes me feel weepy. I sure don't expect to hear from Kathy when my birthdays roll around from here on out. I think all my days of associating with Kathy is now completely over. Though I still have her on my Facebook. But, I think she's going to cut off all communication with me. Period! I mean, I would like to still think of her as family, but it's up to her now. And she never got along with me (I'm not a liberal). So, I think it's completely over with her.

I may not be a liberal or an SJW, but there are places I have to draw the line at. I just had to vent because this dude pissed me off so much! This whole subject of suicide seems to get everybody crazy! This is the only problem I have with uncensored groups. They have no limits. I can usually discuss anything and not hold it against anyone. But not when it comes to suicide, or something serious like that. That's the only time I wish someone would actually censor someone else. I don't normally call for censorship, I don't usually like it. But I hate it when someone tells a suicidal person to just kill themselves much more! Or when a suicidal person is bullied into wanting to kill themselves. I've got to side with my Michael. Even if it means siding with snowflake SJWs!

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