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Friday, March 17, 2017

Little Girl Found

I found it!! I found my baby!!! She was just born last night, and I already have her on hold. I won't reveal much else about her until she is about ready to come home, but I finally got her! I got myself a baby!!

She is just a little doll! I can't wait to get her here into my arms to hug and kiss and play and go on walks with! This is her this morning, still fresh out of the oven! This should ease some of the sadness I've felt since I lost my pa. And she couldn't come soon enough! I can sense a bit of a downward spiral. Yesterday, while I was at a store, I almost began yelling at someone as I was coming out of the restroom. WELL!!! She was just standing there, hugging someone, and standing in the way of the exit. I said "excuse me" 3 times to her, and it was like she didn't hear me. I finally just squeezed past her, knocking down some fake kiddie garden tools. Then she noticed me! She looked at me and was like 'oh! I didn't see you there" and I said to her "I said excuse me 3 times to you!" I have a bus to catch! I don't ever have time to stand around and wait for a couple of dumbasses to finish hugging each other while blocking the only way out of the restroom! So, yes I'm going to be angry when they do!

People need to be more like me. If I'm going to hug someone, it's not going to be in an area that has such an enclosed space where no one else can get by me. And I don't hug people anyways. I am not a big one on giving hugs. Only to family and Tim Farriss. But anyways, afterwords I was like "Man! Am I really that ornery?!" So now I think I am in a serious case of emergency. I need this pup! I think once I get this baby, I'm going to become a lot more patient once again. I was when I had Vegas and Minnie. I was definitely a lot friendlier when I had dogs by my side. Ask anyone. LOL! That was when I made most of the buddies I had on Facebook was back when I was a much friendlier person. I was friendlier because I had Vegas and Minnie. They eased the tension I felt every day, communicating with strangers. Even though they were only on Facebook, still, they were strangers. I've always been at my worst with strangers. I don't normally like strangers.

Well, I've even made her a homemade nametag already with her name on it. It's breed-specific-themed. It's not bad for a first attempt at something like this. I figured I should try to make a living of this! I did pretty good with those INXS earrings. I'm a bit better-seasoned now. I had planned to make my own nametags for my dogs, and this one looks pretty good. I think a lot of dog owners might get a great kick out of these. I can make a tag with ANY breed. All I need to figure out now is what to charge for it. Then I can market these things. But I did pretty good with the one for my baby girl. So, I can do any breed of dog. No cats though, I don't want to draw cats!

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