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Friday, March 24, 2017

Women Who Love Horses

Boy! I'm telling you people today analyze everything to death!! I saw a video earlier from a man who said to beware of women who love horses! When I was growing up, EVERYONE loved horses!! But what this man said was kindof disgusting and disturbing. He stated that women who love horses usually love them because horses have big penises. I personally never thought of it that way! I'm just a country girl, I love horses because they are useful if you have them. They help us in our day to day lives. You can also throw a seat on the back of them and ride them for pleasure. Plus, they are just generally beautiful to look at! I never thought anything at all about their unmentionables! Only in today's world would something like this even be thought of! Though I admit to calling people a "horse's ass" if they are assholes. LOL! But that's different!

This is the kind of idealisms that social justice breeds. This is why SJWs are so fricken annoying!!! Maybe from now on, when someone tells me "Oh I LOVE cats!" I should think that what they really mean is they love to have sex with cats! Maybe this chick that barged on my channel a month or so ago, Tricia AW, is one of those people who likes having sex with cats. Afterall, she has a profile pic that looks like this:

Maybe she is addicted to cats sexually. LOL! Maybe that's what I should be thinking. It's what the social justice people think. So, if they think that about women who love horses, then we should be thinking the same thing about people who love cats. SJWs always think they're right, even when they're not. Of course "Tricia AW" herself is a SJW, and I knew it. Good GOD I hate liberals!!! Why should anyone be ashamed of loving a certain animal just because some dumbass SJW is going to interpret it to mean something sexual? And you notice NO ONE thinks that about people who love cats!! Maybe it's because cats are not "sexually attractive". I mean really, they have microscopic penises and no buns. LOL! Seriously, these liberals and SJWs make me SICK!!!!! I'm sick of all this analyzing!! Pretty soon, we won't be able to have freedom of choice anymore because the SJWs will just analyze them to death!! Of course catfags are as useless as the lazy, evil beasts they worship.

I love animals, but I am not sexually attracted to them! I just love them! Animals are more fun than people most times. In fact, the only animals I don't like are cats. LOL! Catfags are some of the biggest SJWs in the world! Unfortunately, a lot of them are also INXS fans, which is why I am staying anonymous. I wonder if they still think Katrina is me? LOL!! She says she'll go along with it for a while, until I choose to reveal myself. But she cannot speak for me. Only I can do that. So, if they ask her something that is really supposed to be for me to respond to, and they address it to her, they won't get an answer. Hopefully. Unless Katrina decides to get smart. LOL! Well, it's not the first time someone will think Katrina and I are the same person. We do think somewhat alike. We both like Beavis and Butthead. We both like INXS, though I like Michael and Timmy and she's more prone to Jon and JD. We both hate liberals and SJWs. We both also hate cats, though I like a few breeds of cats and she hates cats 101%. But there's a difference. She also likes Oasis, Green Day, Nirvana and Duran Duran, and I don't. Well, I like some Duran stuff from the 90s. But that's it. She also cusses FAR more than I do. LOL!

I even once saw a clip from a TV talk show where some chick was offended by a guest using the words "hard work" to describe what he does. Her point was "Don't use the phrase hard work because it makes me think of the hard work black people put into cotton fields gathering crops". More SJW bullshit!!! She had nothing to do with that! She wasn't in the fields gathering cotton plants! So now, NO ONE can use the phrase "hard work" in front of her because she'll get offended! Makes me mad! And makes me think people like that are trying to take away our freedom of speech. I can't say I love horses because some stupid-ass SJW will interpret it to mean that I love to have sex with horses! UGH!!! But a catfag can say "I love cats" and nobody will interpret it as meaning anything except that that person just admires cats. SJW Stupidity Logic!!

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