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Monday, March 13, 2017

"You Know She's A Little Bit Dangerous"

LOL!! To quote Roxette, my #2 favorite band. People often say I am "dangerous". LOL! It always makes me laugh when people say that. I think that people think just because a person is outspoken that they must also be very highly dangerous people who will kill you as look at you. LOL!

"Ooooh! Look at the big, fat, scary chick! She's gonna kill me by typing on her keyboard! GOD help me!"

LOL! That's funny! The funny thing is, I'm probably the least dangerous person anyone will ever meet. They're more likely to get hurt by the pillow on their bed than they are by me. Unless I sit on them! LOL! I know there is a stigma that people who often say they are harmless are usually the most dangerous people. Believe me, that's just a theory. I've never even been in trouble with the law. I've never even wanted to kill anyone. I know I say sometimes I want to kill people, but who hasn't said that at one point in their lives or another? Well, as far as I know, everyone has said that at least once until the SJWs started taking every little thing as personal attacks. Now, you can't even say something like that without one of the SJWs saying that it's a threat, even though a normal person would know it's nothing more than just a figure of speech. Well, old habits die hard. In my generation you could say "I want to kill him" and no one took it seriously. I still cling to the things of my generation.

Though sometimes I can see the flip side of that. These days, so many people have said they wanted to kill someone, and actually done it. Nowadays, you can't take a phrase like that lightly. Well, people have changed. It's a sad fact that must be faced. We need to pinpoint the problem. I think it needs to go back to the days of corporal punishment, and people taught respect to one another. There was a discussion about this recently in one of the Facebook groups I am currently on. Some people were asking what others think about spanking their children. I'm all for it. I know I have said this before, but there are too many laws now "protecting" children. Unfortunately, those same laws that "protect" children, also creates problems for society. Many parents have taken to negotiating with their kids, and that is a VERY bad mistake! It creates a sense of entitlement that kids should not have. That sense of entitlement has probably led to the rise in bullying and school shootings that has happened in recent years. When I was a kid, school shootings were almost unheard of. Not saying they didn't happen, they probably did in some other parts of the country. But they didn't happen in the state I was living in.

People don't want to instill fear in their kids. The problem is, kids need to have some fear of authority. They should learn early on that for every action there is a consequent reaction. Animals discipline their babies, then so should humans. Now, some places I agree spanking doesn't work. A parent who spanks their kids for every little thing, that kind of discipline is bad for children. My father used to slap me over the head for spilling milk on the floor. Oftentimes, I would ask him what he did that for, because what happened was just an accident. But he didn't care that it was an accident. He felt it was enough to hit me on the head over anyways. Most of the time, I just tried not to spill anything in his presence, but sometimes it was just unavoidable. But anyways, the point is that discipline like that I don't agree with because it can be damaging. But if a child is hitting another child for no reason, or he is purposely tossing his drink at other kids, or people, or he stole a toy from the store shelf, then a good slap on the butt I would say is very appropriate for the child.

But SJWs don't want to spank their children. They want to let their children walk all over them, and everyone else. Yesterday at the store, I saw a little girl, approximately 7 years old, mouthing off to her mother. And mouthing off in a manner that would make a teenager blush! I stood there, listening and thinking "That little girl needs to be slapped!" I sure as Hell wouldn't have let her mouth off to me like that! I'd have spanked her butt right there in the store in front of everybody! But that girl's mom didn't do that. And even when she was trying to negotiate with the little girl, the little girl was still mouthing off to her mom! I could almost guarantee if the mom had just spanked the daughter, all that fuss would have ended right at the beginning! And that is what I find wrong with parents today. One or two spankings bouncing off that little girl's behind right then would not have damaged her, and society most likely wouldn't have had to deal with the little girl's problems in 10 years. There are studies that have been done to show spanking is damaging to children. But my guess is those were cases like mine, where the child was spanked for little things like spilling a drink on the floor, as well as big things. Not an occasional slap on the butt for occasional misbehavings.

When I was about 38 years old, my father did apologize for the way he used to discipline us as kids, because sometimes he did get too harsh. He said if he'd known back then what he did now, he never would have done it like that. Of course at 38, it was too late to do any good, but I did forgive him. In fact, I forgave him long ago for that. Earlier, my sis did confess that she did get me in trouble to avoid getting herself in trouble. I was thrown under the bus a lot when I was a kid! It's a wonder I didn't turn into a serial killer! LOL! But one thing stopped me from running around wanting to kill people, and that is compassion. Compassion for the families, compassion for people in general. I also don't have a sense of entitlement, I never did. I was not raised to have a sense of entitlement. Though if someone mistreats me, I'm gonna call them out, and call them out publicly! But that only happens if I feel emotionally abused by someone that I was nothing but respectful to. But heck! I'm not going to kill the person!! I don't want to do that. I wouldn't even encourage them to kill themselves.

I am an introvert. But some people seem to believe being an introvert is the same thing as being a sociopath, or even a psychopath. It's not the same thing. The big difference between an introvert and a sociopath is that an introvert can have compassion. And I do. I can even be nurturing to a degree. Though sometimes I find it a little bit harder to have any such compassion for people I don't like. But I am compassionate. I hate people, but that doesn't mean I have no feelings for them. If I saw a person on a bicycle get hit by a car, I'm going to do what I can to help that person, and even comfort them if need be. I don't completely lack compassion for people. I just simply avoid people when I can. Especially strangers. That is why I am on Facebook, but I am not inviting strangers to become my friends just yet. A sociopath is everything an introvert is, except they completely lack compassion. A psychopath is all that, and is simply mean-spirited. The people I refer to as "fags" are great examples of what a psychopath is. Introverts can be mean-spirited sometimes, but it simply means we just want to be left alone. It's not usually a psychotic "mean", it can be tamed down. It's simply a need to "recharge". By the same token, a psychopath can be very friendly. But with them, it's a manipulative kind of "friendly". They do it because they want something from you. Kindof like Tess O'brien on Facebook! She's friendly to people, but only because she wants something from them. Believe me, she talks behind their backs! I've seen her do it. She's the perfect example of a psychopath. The other SJWs don't see it, they feel sorry for her because she was beaten by her ex-husband. So their mindset is "she's been through enough". But Tess is indeed playing them like a fiddle, and they don't know it.

Oh well, she's their problem now. Not mine. LOL!

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