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Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Creep Just Won THIS?! SERIOUSLY?! | Rob Thoughts

OMG!! This is the same exact thing that happened between me and the INXS SJWs and radicals. They were all so loudly positive that I was making fun of Kelly P. being diagnosed with cancer, that they did the exact thing Rob Dyke explains in this video! And they had absolutely NO proof of whether or not I even was talking about Kelly! Absolutely NONE! All they had to guide their verdict with was their own personal feelings. They naturally assumed I was an evil person. And I know exactly what they based that on. They based it on the fact that I speak my mind! I say exactly what I feel. SJWs HATE people like me, who tell it like it is! And I am one of those types. But I love being the one who speaks her mind. Someone's gotta do it!

The SJWs probably went into their little secret clique and said "Dee is such a horrible, nasty person and I hope she gets struck down dead for what she wrote about Kelly on her blog!" In fact, I am almost positive they did just that exact thing. Without a single shred of doubt in my mind, they did that! I'd bet my life on it. If you ask me, the only bad person in this whole scenario is the one who started the rumor. I think it was Tess Obrien. But it could have also been Kelly Poulter herself. But is anyone going to call them bad people for starting this rumor, and spreading it against a totally innocent person? No. They're not. They're going to demonize the person they don't like as much, ME. Just because I speak my mind and I am honest in my opinions. I find it hysterically funny that Rosanda told me before that one of the things she liked about me was that I have spunk and fire and I am totally honest. But yet, she was one of the first people that turned on me. Yes, she contacted me about my blog post, but it was to accuse me. Not to ask me if it was true or who or what I was thinking about when I wrote that post.

But then really, you can't go by Rosanda! Like I said before, I think she was really just angry because I don't like her friend Vincent Lamaro. I still don't! Like Katrina would say, fuck him! Those two deserve each other. They're both dumb as dirt!

Even Rob Dyke indirectly called those people dumb, because it is true they were all followers. Only a few people asked me what I was thinking about when I wrote that post, and I can tell you exactly who they were. Well, it is true, they are dumb! If they went along with what the accuser said and didn't drill me themselves for the facts. That makes them total morons. That's why I say they're dumb as dirt. Dumbest of all are those who knew I had just lost my father to cancer, and still thought I was making fun of someone else having the disease! Those people are so dumb, it's laughable! The funny part is, they're so dumb, they probably don't even know they're dumb.

Well, I am still on that one INXS group. Though I rarely post. I'm sure some of them have figured out who I am. Or maybe they still think Katrina is me. Who knows really? Only they know. But like I said, to Katrina, it doesn't matter. I haven't seen her post in that group for a while. I don't even know if she is still in there. But that's how she is with groups, she joins, and then almost never posts. Even when I had her on my own group! It was uncommon for her to post in the group. Though whether she lurks in or not, is a different thing.

Well, I am working up to posting more often, though I don't think I'll ever accept any INXS buds anymore. My sis said anytime you have people who worship bands or movie stars, they're almost always going to be liberals. So, I want to stay away from that! They can think I'm a rotten horrible person all they want to if it makes them feel good. I'm not really going to worry about it until they've actually met me and spent some time getting to know me. THEN, if they still believe I am a rotten, horrible person, only then will I allow it to shatter me as a person. But I can tell you, I've met NONE of those people yet. I came frightfully close to meeting one of them, but I invited her to visit me here. Whoopee. LOL! It was when she came to this state to pick up her own sweet puppy. But she never came here. And really, I never expected her to show up. That's one of the reasons why I said I would discuss attending her little INXS gathering when she gets here. I knew she wasn't going to show up. And really, I can't attend that gathering. I'm glad I never even made the commitment. I got too many other things in the works this year! Things that mean more to me than going to a gathering to listen to mindless, senseless gabble by a bunch of liberals and SJWs!

Ah well. I really wish no harm to these people. I don't like liberals and SJWs, and I still believe those people are dumb as dirt. Hopefully they will see the err of their ways the next time they encounter someone like me, who speaks their mind. We are not always bad people.

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