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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Changing Your Birth Certificate???

Oh GOD!!! This is totally dumb! I mean, I thought the INXS SJWs were the dumbest creatures on the face of this planet, but I think there is actually maybe another group out there that may be able to give them a run for their money. LOL! Some transsexual guy wants to go back to Idaho where he was born and have the state legally change the sex on his birth certificate. The man is now 28 and has identified as a girl (he claims) since he was 6. He said he went through the total "change" when he was 15. I call bullshit! If he's 28 now, then being gay was not the "in-thing" when he was 6. Being gay didn't become fashionable until the mid-early 2000s, when the liberals began running off what is natural to put up what is "socially acceptable" in the human world.

Yes, I do know there are gay animals in the wild. Though more likely, they are not really what would be considered "gay" in our world. Mostly, what they most likely are, is just bachelor groups, which is quite common among social animals. You're never going to see two male animals having anal sex with each other. "Humping" does not always constitute a sexual act. Animals do this to establish dominance. It's not necessarily a sexual thing. And I find it perplexing that lesbians do not exist in the wild. Same-sex attraction seems to only be prevalent in male animals in the wild. Why is that? If gay is so natural, howcome it only happens among male animals in the wild?

Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against being gay. I'm all for same-sex marriage if it makes that person happy. But let's face it, there were never as many gay people in the past as there are today, so, it HAS to be just a fad. TRUE gender dysphoria, which is what causes homosexuality and transsexuality, is actually very rare. It only happens naturally to about 1% of the population. The people who do have it for real, usually are upset by people who are using their disorder as a fad. But what this is about is some guy who wants to change the natural gender on his birth certificate to the gender he currently identifies with. He's suing the state of Idaho because they won't let him and he believes that is a violation of his First Amendment rights. UGH!!! BIG facepalm! I mean, there isn't a hand in this world that is big enough to cover this facepalm! You can't change your birth certificate. I'm sorry, but babies can't talk! Babies do not identify as the opposite sex. That's something that does not happen until puberty. Or it shouldn't happen until then.

But if this guy thinks he's going to be able to change his birth certificate to match his current identity, he's got another think coming. Like I said before, he was born a male, and that is what the doctor saw between his legs when he emerged from his mother's body. If he has a problem with that, he needs to take it up with GOD. Not the state of Idaho. Maybe he might get lucky and GOD will reassign him female organs. Yeah really! Like that's really gonna happen! LOL! IMO, you're not officially a female if you can't have a baby, or at least have a period. And men don't get periods! Women's bodies are designed to bear children. Though Katrina would argue that her body is not designed to bear children, because it's too painful. LOL! But we were indeed designed to have children in ways that is not possible in a man's body. Unless you are a seahorse.

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