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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Ma's Arrival

Well, my ma arrived here on Saturday night, and she says she is here for maybe 3 weeks (at the most). Oh goodie!! This is going to be loads of fun!! Got plans all planned. All those things that I couldn't do before because I didn't have a car, now I can do them. The only problem I have with this is that when she leaves back for home, I'm going to feel very sad. No more fun! No more company. Since ma arrived, I've had so much fun with her, I've actually not even thought about any troubles I've had in the past. A lot of the sadness I've felt since my pa died, is mostly gone. I've been laughing again. One of the reasons is because my ma has been telling me about this little friend of her's from work, named Lisa. She sounds like a character! She sounds like ME!!!! LOL! She's one of those people who speaks her mind and doesn't give a care. I remember when I was like that! LOL! Before my pa even got stricken down with cancer. I think I would really like ma's friend Lisa. Not many people like her either, because she's always speaking her mind, and she's a no-bullshit kind of person. Just like me! I hope to get back to that point in my life again.

I know not a lot of people like me, and that doesn't bother me either. If everyone likes you, there's something wrong with you! LOL! I know that sounds strange. But IMO, it could mean that person's a kiss-ass. No one takes those kiss-ass people seriously. I'd rather be hated for being who I am than loved for being who I'm not. Then there are those people who only like someone because of possessions they have. Or for things they've done. I saw it all the time in the INXS community. A lot of those fans would only cling to someone just because said person has met (or even befriended) Michael Hutchence. Now, I am not saying most of those people are bad people who met him, and I am happy they had pics taken with him. But that was never the reason I liked those people. I would never make friends with someone just because they were friends with Michael! That's not my style! I never was "jealous" of anyone who met Michael. I guess because I got to kiss him myself. I'm also just not the "celebrity-stalker" type. I never was. Any time I ever met any celebrities (and I've met many) it's always been by pure dumb luck! Believe it or not. I've always just been in the right place at the right time. It was never planned nor nothing. So, that is why I never felt jealous of anyone who has met Michael. Now, if you ever met Dian Fossey, THEN I would be totally jealous!!! Michael Hutchence was always easy to meet. Dian Fossey was extremely difficult to meet! And if you did meet her, it'd be pure magic if she liked you!

Like me, Dian Fossey was an introvert, she didn't make many friends herself. In fact, she only had 2 or 3 that I can recall she talked about. But I like her, I'll always like her. I admire her for being the kind of person she was and laying down her life for what she believed in. Those are the kind of people that legends are based on. Not saying Michael wasn't a legend in his own right, but Dian Fossey made history! Notice how people still remember her. But not everyone really remembers Michael. Well, those that do, seem to only remember him as being "the man who died having kinky sex". It's terrible that that is how Michael is being remembered, but let's face it, that is how he's remembered. Not for his talent, moves or even his beauty! Though he was probably the most handsome man in rock n roll history!! But people mostly remember him as being the band member that died having kinky sex. UGH!!!! The only people who remember Michael for his talent are those of us who genuinely LOVE INXS.

Well, today ma and I are going to Portland to have some fun. Going to look in some local thrift stores (not that I can get anything, but I'd like to at least try and look around). Going to have a blast today! This is what I miss, going out and having some fun with someone. Just let my hair loose and have fun!

On a funny side-note, I got a surprise call from Loretta, the woman who was supposed to drive me to Salem so I could catch a bus to go see my father in AZ. But she said she dialed my number by accident. At first, I didn't remember who she was because it'd been so long since I heard from her, and I was half asleep when I called back. Next time she dials my number by accident, I'm going to call her back and tell her to delete my number from her cell phone's contact list. I really do not want anything to do with her anymore. Not after the stunt she pulled when my father was dying! I still believe, to this day, her stupid-ass husband hurt himself on purpose! Because he wasn't getting all the attention. That's the problem I have with them. They both are selfish, irresponsible people who never think of anyone but themselves!

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