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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

TimmyHutchFan Does Montana: Return to Bozeman

Family reunion! While my ma was here, she got an idea to go to Bozeman and have a little family reunion with my sis and the dogs. We had fun while we were there, we took a little trip to Philipsburg, had a dinner party at my sis's and my ma got a nice surprise on the last day. Though the trip to Philipsburg was a little bit marred when my sis revealed a dark secret about her past to ma. Ma got so ticked off, she even took it out on my favorite pic of my guys! I won't reveal what that secret is, but it was one my sis refused to tell my mom for many years because someone that ma considered a friend threatened to harm my sis if she told.

We stayed at a very nice hotel too, no second-class crap! LOL! But the room was a steal! Almost literally!

Anyways, it turned out to be a pretty good feature-length movie. Enjoy it!

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