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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Turning In His Grave

My poor dad, he must be turning over in his grave about now. All these people all around him, spitting on his grave like they are. Well, my loony stepsister, Stephanie, wrote a very threatening response to my ma after my ma respectfully asked Kathy for some of my father's things to come to my sis and me. Stephanie was so hateful in her response to my ma, she sounded like she was insane! And it doesn't seem like Kathy is really mourning my father. But since I am not there, I won't assume that is so. I don't want to be like them. See why I've adopted Katrina and Eva as my stepsisters, instead of Stephanie and Jennifer! LOL! Well, Stephanie and Jennifer, for as long as I've known them, have never been ones for being discreet. They tell everything, to a point most often that my sis and I had no privacy from them. That's why we moved out of Lakewood was because of them. Or that's one big reason.

I knew this was going to happen. I absolutely knew it. I knew there would be turmoil if my pa went before Kathy. So did my ma. She knew it too. Mostly because Kathy has never treated me and my sis as much more than castoffs. Ma once told me that Kathy would prefer it if my sis and I weren't in the picture. At first, I didn't believe her, because I did think Kathy was a good person. But then my father dropped a bombshell. He basically told my ma that Kathy didn't like me. Stephanie refuses to believe it, and Kathy probably won't admit it, but I've found it to be true. Mostly because of the way Jennifer looked at me the whole time I was there, and the way Kathy's friend talked about me and my sis while she was there. Kathy's friend has never met us, so she had no reason not to like us. None except that possibly Kathy said shit to her about us.

After getting Stephanie's response to my mom, I got curious. You know me, get both sides of the story before I make any assumptions. I asked ma if her message to Kathy was as nasty as Stephanie's message to my ma. Because the way Stephanie made it sound, it was like my ma was threatening Kathy's life and family, calling Kathy every name in the book, and totally demanding that Kathy send some of my dad's possessions to me and my sis. Except for threatening our lives, Stephanie did all that to ma. She didn't threaten our lives, but she did say my sis and I were horrible to my father. And I do admit, when I was in my 20s, my dad and I did get into battles a lot. But in truth, they were always instigated by him. Much as I loved my father, in those days, he was not a totally loving person all the time. Sometimes he would come to the house in a completely bad mood, no matter how nice we looked and how clean the house was. I admit, I am not the best housekeeper. I never was. But I try to keep everything as tidy as possible. Though I was much more sloppy when I was in my 20s than I am now. LOL! But in my 20s, all I wanted to do was have fun. I spent very little time at the house. I mostly went out, gallivanting around town.

Well, I couldn't believe if my ma had sent such a rude message to Kathy because when we were on our way back here from Bozeman, ma and I did a little role-playing. I told her to pretend I was Kathy. I asked her what she would say to me if I was Kathy sitting beside her. She was very matter-of-fact, but not impolite or nasty, and by no means threatening! Of course I could not really predict how Kathy would respond to my ma since I am not Kathy, and not a liberal. Well, I asked ma to show me the message she sent to Kathy, and she did. Sure enough, ma got to the point, but she was very nice and polite about it. I don't know how Kathy took that message, but Stephanie obviously took it the wrong way. I don't even know how Stephanie got that message! My ma said she sent it only to Kathy. She was quite shocked that Kathy would forward it to Stephanie, and possibly Jennifer too. This has nothing to do with them, and my ma never once mentioned anything about either of them in the message she sent to Kathy. She didn't bad-mouth Stephanie nor Jennifer at all. But Stephanie made it a point to bad-mouth me and my sister AND my mom.

Well, what do you expect from liberals? With them, one opposing word and they take it as a personal attack!

Yes, my mom is not totally innocent, we know that. There were things she did that I wish she hadn't. I won't mention them here, as it's family affairs only. But Stephanie seems to think that my sis and I had a hand in what happened. Stephanie barely knows me! I've only seen her a few times since her mom and my dad got together. And she hasn't been to visit my home since we lived in Lakewood. Stephanie also implied that I didn't take care of my dogs. Oooohhh I wanted to rip her throat out when she said that! She's lucky she wasn't standing in the same room with me when she said that, I'd have put her ass on the floor! But I'll save that for another time. Here's a tip, my dad exaggerated! LORD knows he was a great man, but he exaggerated the truth sometimes. Some things he said, one had to take with a grain of salt. Maybe he did exaggerate when he said Kathy doesn't like me. But Stephanie would never know, or believe, he'd say that. Whether or not it's really true. But she wants to blame my ma for saying that. Not my dad.

Stephanie also said my sis and I didn't take out our own trash. What's up with that??? I don't EVER remember getting my dad to take our trash out for us. Nothing except voluntarily. If he did take our trash out, he decided to do it on his own. I never asked him to. When we lived in Lakewood, it was different. That was his house, he came over every week, and it was his responsibility. Looks like every assumption Stephanie made was based on when we lived in dad's house. I wasn't happy there myself. Neither was my sis. Come visit my house today, then talk to me about not taking my own trash out, not cleaning my own house, and not paying my own bills. A lot of changes have taken place since I left Lakewood!

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