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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dumbasses Will Be Dumbasses!

I am on a lot of free-speech groups now on Facebook. I guess that's why I rejoined the INXS groups, for a little bit of balance, as sometimes the free-speech groups can get to me. Sometimes. LOL! I usually enjoy those free-speech groups. Well, one that my sis is also on, I had a little bit of fun with a few posters last night. And a little bit today! hehehe! It all started with this girl, a 20-something year-old lesbian girl, who calls herself Britt Brittance Ann. I don't know, maybe that is her real name. But who the Hell is named "Brittance"?! Her favorite line is calling everyone a "racist". Well, last night she began attacking my sis's deceased dog Odessa. I didn't like that! I mean, I knew she was bullshitting my sis, but then she started saying my sis's dog was an illegal immigrant (because she was a chihuahua), and she killed Odessa. Then she started taking my sis's pics off her facebook page and crossposting them in the group without my sis's permission.

My sis seriously needs to make her page private! I did! Well, last night, I got into it with Britt and some dude from the UK named Davie Oi. I began making shit up about them too. I told Britt she was a racist, who hates Mexican dogs and brown birds. LOL!! Then I told Davie that he's gonna be deported because his dad was in the UK illegally. LOL! Of course it was all bullshit! Just like when they kept saying we had illegal immigrant dogs, just because Chihuahuas are a Mexican breed. Davie got a little personal when he said he was not in his country illegally like our "ugly dogs". LOL! I said to him "My dogs are not ugly like you and your dad are either!" Again, I was bullshitting him. I know I have no room to talk about someone else being ugly!!! I also told him there are no real men in the UK. Which unfortunately is true. Especially nowadays, as it seems most UK men don't like dogs anymore. Davie even went so far as to offer to meet me in a supermarket parking lot with no guns. I told him "Dude, I'm from the south! I know guns. You don't want to go there with me!" I warned him that I am a natural-born redneck, came from a long line of rednecks. Davie left that night, calling me and my sis "morons". I said "TRIGGGGGGGGGGERRRRRRED!!!"

FYI, "triggered" is the term now being used by trolls when they make their target angry. Like all trolls, they do it for the laughs. That's what Britt's and Davie's goals were last night, was to trigger me and my sis. Well, it worked on my sis, but it doesn't work so well on me. I don't allow trolls to get me triggered. I do it to them instead. I said "Davie isn't the only idiot who can play that game!"

My sis was worried about me, but I was actually having fun! Someone needs to teach these city-people respect! I'll bust anyone who says shit about my family. That includes the dogs! Well, this morning I discovered Britt did it again. She stole my sis's picture off her facebook page and posted it onto the group. It made my sis angry. And some other cityboy loser joined her in jeering at my sis, saying my sis looks like a lesbian. Britt is the one with the profile pic of herself kissing another girl and my sis is the lesbian. Oh boy! LOL! So what did I do? I jeered back at Britt. I followed her all over the page and made random comments about Britt being a lesbian and a racist. I said she hates birds and dogs. LOL! Again, it was all bullshit. She said "I hate you Dee." I said to her "Naturally you do! You hate birds and dogs!" LOL!!! I use birds and dogs in my profile pics, BTW, and I tell these people that's me. hehehe! Again, it's supposed to be funny.

WELL!!!! I'm just trying to fit in! You should see what some of these other people post and say is themselves. It's humor. Sick humor, but still funny!

I triggered Britt in a couple more posts, again, I was having fun. I even tagged her in the posts, so she would be sure to see them. Well, a short time later, I found out Britt had actually blocked me. It must have been when I posted in a video on the group of an Asian woman using a dildo-shaped make up stick to apply make up to make herself look white. I said "I bet Britt Brittance Ann uses this same thing every day to make herself look white!" Britt must have thought that was the last straw and blocked me. LOL!!! I laughed so hard when I found out she blocked me!!! I thought I would be the one blocking her in the end, but the dumb fucker blocked me instead!!!!! LOL!! Too funny!!! I laughed so hard I almost wet myself! The last time I laughed that hard being blocked by someone was when Jannah blocked me. It was so funny!!! I still feel good about it! Know why? Because...

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