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Monday, May 29, 2017

Hmmm, What Do You Think Happened?

A few weeks ago, someone I haven't heard from in a while commented on my blog. She was one of my old INXS buds. Nice girl. But now, I wonder. She made a couple comments here on one of my posts, but now they seem to be gone. Hmmm. That's interesting. It can only mean one of 2 things; either she was one of the liberals and SJWs, or she deleted her Google account. Not sure she deleted her account, but since she probably still has contact with the old SJW INXS fans, she probably decided to side with them. They probably told her that I think cancer is a joke and she was dumb enough to believe it. Again, without asking me first. Typical of liberal/SJW behavior.

Oh well, liberals will be liberals. Nothing anyone can do about it. It's all Obama's fault. But it is kinda sad. I actually liked this girl. But see, this is exactly why I am not interested in making any INXS buds on Facebook this time around. I wouldn't know who to trust anymore. And the fact that I've moved heaven and earth to make this girl happy does not matter once the libtards and SJWs get her under their spell. She once asked me for a specific picture I had of Michael that she's never seen before, and I went out of my way to make sure she got a copy. That's where my friends tell me I am too nice. Well, that's not happening this time on Facebook. Not at all. If I have a picture they don't have, then that's their problem. I won't go out of my way for SJWs and liberals anymore. Like I said, the kind, loving TimmyHutchFan is dead. All my love now goes only to family, close friends and Mya.

I actually have more fun on Facebook when I am not trying to make friends. Really, I do. I just chit-chat. Yes, I am on a couple of INXS groups. But I do not share any of my pics with them. I post them on my own group to give myself a buzz. But SJWs and liberals are not allowed on my group. And it's a secret group, so it's not easily found in Facebook's search engine. There's only 2 people in the group in fact, that's me and Katrina. Sometimes I post some pics I have of Jon and she likes them. But that's the way I like it. Just the two of us, INXS fans who are not liberals or SJWs.

I can't believe the SJW INXS fans are actually still gnawing away on that bone. Oh wait! Yes I can. That's how SJWs operate. Once they get something stuck in their craw, it stays there for life! I still don't know how I could have known Kelly P. was ill with cancer when I did not communicate with her in any way whatsoever. I kindof believe the SJWs are upset really that the person I was talking about was not really someone they knew, nor did that person have cancer. But they want to believe the person who spread the rumor about me because they like her better. Doesn't surprise me. I mean really, let's face facts. Since it was someone they really did not know, they really would not care. But since they think it was someone they did know very well, it would be embarrassing of them to admit their own mistake. A true liberal would not want to go that extra mile and admit they are wrong. That's what liberals do. Like I said, they hear one side of the story and run with it. No matter whether it's really true or not. And instead of apologizing for their mistake, they continue to put fault on the person who tells them what they believe is wrong.

GOD I hate liberals!!!

Thank GOD I don't have any friends who are liberals! I have accepted a couple INXS fans as friends, and I am standing by to see how they are. They might turn out to be nice people. Who knows? I cannot say for sure right now. I have most of the libtards blocked. I wonder if I should block this girl too. Maybe I should. Like I said, she's probably sided with the liberals and SJWs too. I almost hate to do it though, but I don't need that in my online existence. I won't put up with it anymore. Get them before they get me. :)

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