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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Home-Coming Mya

Well, I have wanted to write about this, but I am currently on medications that knock me completely out! There is a reason for that, which I will explain later in this post. I am also currently working on a movie, a comedic movie, about getting Mya. Some scenes I had to do over and over again, just to get them right, but it's become an amazingly funny movie! For the most part.

I was due to get Mya on Friday night, and I wanted everything to run like clockwork. I had a car rental standing by so I could drive into Portland to the airport and pick up Mya. I caught the bus from here and went to the terminal downtown. From there, I caught the bus to Lincoln City. It was quite a bumpy bus ride and I almost got car sick! The driver took the turns and twists so fast I was getting dizzy! It'd been a long time since I'd been to Lincoln City! I mean REALLY been to Lincoln City! From there I had to catch a bus to Newport. I had to wait about an hour for that bus to come and I spent it at the local Safeway. There, I got myself a little treat and sat in their cafe and ate it. Then, when the time came, I went back to the terminal to catch the bus to Newport. I kindof expected to have lunch when I got to Newport after I picked up the car, since I had so much time to kill. Mya wasn't due into this state until 8:30 that night, and it was 12:30 PM when I got to Newport.

In order to get the car, I had to go to the Hertz office at the airport. I spent a few minutes at a local Walgreens, so I could pick up something. I like their TP, so I got some of that. I asked the woman who worked the counter that day how far away was the Newport Airport, and she told me it was only a couple miles away. I could have actually walked it if it hadn't been raining out! But she said that highway is not really safe. Well, the next bus wasn't due to take me to the airport for another 2 and a half hours, and it seemed silly to wait that long. Plus, the bus in Newport doesn't even go into the airport, I would have had to cross the highway! That would have SUCKED!!!!! So, I thought "why not take a cab?" So, that's what I did. I figured it couldn't cost much to take a cab for just a couple miles. I was wrong!!! The cab wound up costing over $20!!! But I got there safely! I saw why that highway is known to be dangerous!! It's 4 lanes of fast-paced cars! And I was told the drivers on that highway don't much pay attention to what they're doing.

It was raining and wet when I got to the car rental place. I walked in and went to the counter. Well, my credit card kept getting rejected because there was a $200+ deposit that no one told me about! Well, my sister was the heroine here and she lent me the money. One way or another, I HAD to have that car on Friday! That was how I managed to get it. So after a few more tries, I got approved! So, the attendant and I went out to inspect the car, and it looked good. So, we headed back inside. It was still wet outside, even though by now the rain had died down. We were leaving wet shoeprints in the building. It was a hard, marble floor! When I got inside, I slipped and just went down! I landed on my knees and I couldn't get up! I was in PAIN!!!!!!! What a time for that to happen!!!!  A couple of nice men helped me get to my feet, and I was able to walk to the sofa they had and sit down, finishing the paperwork. But I did it all in agony!

I thought I could slip by the pain and still go pick up Mya. But when I was on my way back home, I saw a feed store I was going to go into to pick up some food for her. But I found my right leg had swollen to 3 times it's normal size! And I was still in agony! I was in so much pain, I could not even stand enough to get out of the car! So, I had to ditch that idea and get back to Tillamook and go see a doctor. I thought for sure my knees were broken! I landed on them so hard! So, I drove all the way to Tillamook, where I stopped at the Urgent Care center. I didn't know how else I could summon some help, so I dialed 911 to send someone out with a wheelchair to get me out of the car! It's times like this that living alone becomes a big disadvantage!

Well, someone came out and helped me get inside. At the time she came, I was recording, and she kinda walked out in the middle of it. But I had to go quickly when she came out. The doctors were very nice here, nothing at all like that bitch I had to deal with back in Astoria! And that was the best physician Astoria had to offer! Then I like where I am now! Well, I found out that thankfully my knees were not broken. But I did have to be put on crutches. They work! In the movie, you can hear me trying to walk with them. It's not easy! But it is necessary for me to get around with. It did make getting Mya home a little harder.

Well, I was put on an anti-inflammatory medicine, as well as a high-dose pain-killer, which also knocks me out! So, that is why I had to wait to type this blog. Taking those pain-killers makes it hard to stay awake long enough to type any blog posts. But it is necessary, again, because I am still in pain! I picked up my meds and went on to Portland. I used my GPS to get me most of the way there. I was terrified to death that the place would be closed and I would not get Mya until Monday. I did get lost for a bit, but someone gave me proper directions to get to the place I was supposed to go and pick up my baby.

I went to cargo shipping and I saw my baby girl. I fell instantly in love!! She was so small and cute!!! She's fluffier than a marshmallow! She has eyes kindof like Jim Morrison's only MUCH cuter!!! She has whiskers that go on for days!!! She has a tiny tongue that is always going! But she is so nervous! That kinda makes it hard to train her. She won't listen when she is nervous. She's scared of the kid noises around here. Which I find odd because the breeder I got her from has grandkids. I'd have thought Mya would be used to kid sounds! Well, she's still new here. She'll learn. Meantime, I am a happy girl now. I got my baby! I also have a busted leg, but that does not matter to me at this moment.

I gotta stop this blog now, I'm falling asleep again.

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