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Saturday, May 27, 2017

I Guess It's Over

LOL!! Well, I guess I can bring this up now. But it looks like the whole business with the stepfamily is over. Not that I really care, I mean, really! My dad's gone, so that part of my life is over. I only accepted Kathy into my Facebook friends because of my father. Well, Kathy seems to have deleted her facebook account. Either that, or she's deleted and blocked me. I don't know. But again, I really do not care. I was actually going to delete her anyways after I got this alleged "care package" she was supposedly going to send to me and my sister.

Stephanie mentioned this in her all-too hateful message to my mom. She said because her mom is such a "kind, loving person" she's making up a care package for me and my sis. But claimed that because she is "mourning her husband" AKA, my father, it's a long and slow process. Now, I understand the mourning process. But frankly, I don't think Kathy is mourning that much. Before my mom sent Kathy the message that got Stephanie so triggered, Kathy had posted something up about going to a bar with her friends and "drinking it up". Umm, excuse me, but that does not sound like she's mourning that bad to me. I will agree she's probably mourning my father to a degree. But surely, if Kathy can find time to go to bars with her friends and drink it up, then she can find the time to put together this "care package" that she was supposedly working on. So, what's the hold up?

Ahh fuck it! I don't believe there ever was a "care package" that Kathy was putting together! I think Stephanie is a big-time liar. She probably just said that to shut my mom up. I think Kathy is also pissed off at me because I said Stephanie was fat. Well!! Stephanie said much worse than that about me, my mom and my sister! Calling Stephanie "fat" should be the least of Kathy's concerns! LORD knows it doesn't bother me when someone calls me fat. At least I know it's true. At least now, Stephanie knows the truth about everything. For years, she thought it was all my idea to move from Lakewood. She thought that I "abandoned" my sis in Montana. She, Kathy and Jennifer have been fed so much bullshit about me, they had some kind of distorted image of me being a monster. I've often been misunderstood because I am a no-bullshit kind of person. Liberals fear me. LOL! I should probably use that to my advantage and haunt their nightmares! hehehehe!!!!!

To the literal people, that was a joke!

Well, at least now Stephanie knows that I am not the kind of person she wants to fuck with! I'll tear her a new asshole! She hasn't said anything since I responded to her message to my mom. I guess she's not as big an idiot as I suspected, because right now, that would be poking the bear. She should know better now than to fuck with me! And my dad is not there to protect her. And I don't give a shit about her mom or her sister! They can't shut me up. But let them try.

Ya know I just realized, this year is going to be the first year I'll be celebrating my birthday without my father. It's going to be hard. Be prepared for the emotional roller coaster again. But that's why I got Mya. I'm probably still going to be at the mailbox looking for a card from my father that will never come. I know for sure I can't expect anything from that good-for-nothing stepmom of mine!

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