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Saturday, May 6, 2017

"I Want To Be Accepted"

No, I don't mean me. I don't care if people accept me or not. That's why I am getting a dog. LOL! But there is this group that I am on, it's an anti-SJW group. One of the things that was brought up in the group recently was something about using proper "pronouns" when speaking about someone who is transsexual. I know I have mentioned this before on here, but I do not care about using "proper pronouns". There is only 2 genders. That's all that is needed. I don't go for any of this "they", "them", "zhe", "zey", or whatever-bullshit! Many of the transsexuals you see today are only doing what they are doing to get attention. There is something called "Gender dysphoria" and it's a very rare mental disorder where a person is one sex, but identifies themselves as the other. It's not supposed to be a fad, it's not meant to gain attention or acceptance. I've met some people who actually do have this disorder, and the ones I've met are not happy that their disorder is now being used as a fad! They also do not give a shit about the use of "proper pronouns". Only the attention-seekers want that.

One person in the group said "We christians hate to say we told you so but WE TOLD YOU SO!" She said that this was bound to happen once gay marriage was accepted. Now, again I am all for gay marriage. If it makes the parties involved happy, I'm all for it. But now other groups of people are stepping up and want to be accepted in their own special way too. Now, transsexuals want to be accepted, otherkin people want to be accepted, and even now pedophiles and zoophiles want to be accepted! UGH!! Where does society draw the line? You know the saddest thing about that is you know damn well, eventually the liberals and SJWs are going to go for that! I told you, liberals and SJWs are DUMB!!! They'd work to accept any old group of people. Anyone who disagrees is referred to as a "hater".

Today, someone asked in another group if we miss Obama. I said Hell NO! I'm glad he's gone! And don't come back! Of course I don't like Trump much better, but Obama did everything he could to divide this nation. We used to be a nation united. Now, we are a nation divided! And it's all Obama's fault! Now, everything is political. You're either a right-wing or left-wing. If you're right-wing, you're considered a "hater". If you're a left-wing, you're a liberal or SJW. I heard somewhere that California now wants to be divided into "North California" and "South California". I'm sure the leftists are also going to go for that! Just like they'll go for giving pedophiles and zoophiles acceptance! Then watch what happens! But this is exactly why I never liked Obama! He divided the people of this nation. He started all this libtard bullshit. He wasn't even our best president! He was the worst in fact (so far).

I heard the classic liberals were actually quite decent people. But they are no longer considered liberals. They are what is now called "libertarians". I identify with this group much better myself. Though my mom thinks I am a liberal. But I know I am not. I'm what a liberal used to be, before the days of Obama. Back when people were actually decent and kept their noses out of other peoples' business.

So why not accept the otherkins? Why not accept the pedophiles? Why not accept the zoophiles? There is a man who exists and he's in his 70s, but he identifies himself as a 7-year old girl! Should we accept him too? I don't know about you all, but if I see a 70-something year old man acting like a 7-year old little girl, I'm gonna think he's a weirdo! And I don't care to see someone having sex with kids, or animals! And if I see a grown person who is identifying themselves as a different species, again I'm gonna think that person's a weirdo who should be locked up! We really need to be careful who we give acceptance to. Once we give acceptance to one group of people, other groups of people are bound to step forward also demanding acceptance. Society needs to learn to say no. Things are just going to get out of hand here.

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