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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I've Been Founded Out!

LOLOL!!! I've rejoined some INXS groups again. Well, the first one Katrina added me to, even though I really wasn't ready then. But I've also rejoined my old group, Tim-Hutch Love. Of course the person I left in charge has changed the name. Katrina told me she did, but man! I didn't know it was such an uncreative name! Sorry, but it is uncreative. I might suggest something a lot more catchy, like "INXS Life" or something like that. Just a thought there. The woman I left in charge, she seems to be doing well, and that's a good thing. I'm glad. She should appoint another administrator though, in the event that something happens to her. But be very careful who that other admin is!

Well, my instincts have been talking to me, and I believe I've been found out. My instincts are usually quite keen. And they've been talking to me. It started when I found a couple of posts have disappeared. I think the posters of those comments blocked me on Facebook. They're not even people I know, so I'm not bothered by it. But it was the first indicator that I've been found out. LOL! Oh well, who cares! I'm done giving any shits about what a couple of worthless SJW losers think of me. Like Katrina would say, I'll file that under the category of fucks I don't give. LOL! Another indicator is I've noticed the group has gotten quiet since I've been found out. So, I know the SJWs are in the background talking. But hey! That's OK. Again, I don't care. I'm definitely NOT in that group to make friends.

I have learned some things since I've been in there. For example, I found out that Paula Yates was NOT the culprit in killing Michael. Not even Bob Geldof is. It was actually some bitch named Piers Morgan. Apparently the head-honcho for the tabloids in London! It was Morgan who told the press where Michael and Paula were every day. But why Paula looks so nonchalant in the tabloid pics, I don't know. But there may be a possibility Paula was tricked into telling Morgan where they were going. Maybe under the presumption that Morgan was a friend or something to that affect. I'm still not a Paula fan, so don't mistake me for becoming one! But all these years, I thought it was Paula who killed Michael. I knew nothing about this Piers Morgan dude. But I wish it was him in the ground instead of Michael!

Yeah, I know that's an awful thing to say! But Michael did things that brought joy to a lot of people. By contrast, who the hell needs tabloids? Michael was a god! Piers Morgan is a dumbass!!! HE killed my Michael! And for that, I'll never forgive him.

And here is the fat slime that ruined my Michael's life! Feel free to take this picture, blow it up, and throw darts at it. I'll give a prize to the person that gets him right between the eyes!

Also, check out this picture...

Notice the cool roos in the pic?! THIS is how INXS should be represented, with kangaroos. Not with stupid panthers! Only catfags use cats and panthers to represent INXS. Unfortunately, a lot of INXS fans are also catfags. Not sure what the connection between INXS and cats is. I don't see a connection. INXS are all dog-lovers! Timmy has a border collie, and he's had several of them. Kirk's daughter has chihuahuas. Paula's daughters have labradors and chihuahuas. Jon has a couple of small, shaggy, poodle-type dogs. Garry has a boxer. Even Michael had a dog. So, I don't know why these dumb catfag SJWs associate cats with INXS. Seems kinda stupid to me. But then again, that's what SJWs are; STUPID! LOL!

Well, if I seem giddy in this post, it's because I am. I'm about to join the ranks of INXS and get a dog of my own. My girl Mya is coming home in a couple weeks! I named her Mya, after the song By My Side, by INXS. That's what I am going to do from now on, naming all my dogs after INXS songs and lyrics. I'm very excited!! Been waiting for this day to come since Mya's been born!! It overshadows all else in my world. I'm a happy girl again. After the shit I'd been through this past year, I need this!

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