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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mom's Come And Gone

Well, that was a short visit! My leg was so bad in the beginning, I needed help. Having a busted leg made it a lot harder to take care of Mya, let alone myself! So, my mom came here and offered to stay a couple weeks to help me take care of Mya. She did good, but there was a problem. She had intended to stay here for a couple weeks. But while she was here, she got a couple of job offers. One job offer was unsure, the other was a sure thing. But there was a catch. In order to get that job, she had to be at the office on Monday, which is tomorrow. But it is a good job, data entry, it's in her neighborhood, and she'd get $11 per hour.

Well, if I had told my mom what I really wanted, it would have been selfish of me. I didn't want her to go. I'm getting along a lot better now, though I still have episodes where my body wants to go one way, and my leg wants to go the other, and it HURTS when that happens!!! Then I have to come in here and take another pain pill, which puts me to sleep! Thank GOD I am not one of those that is prone to addictions. But if I had had my way, I would have told mom not to take that job, because I still needed her. But that would have been selfish of me. She needs this job, and she enjoys working. As much as I wanted her to stay, I also wanted her to take that job and do good.

I will say, it was good to have her here, even though it wasn't for as long as I would have liked. We were going to go and visit Nancy this weekend, but mom had to get back home. I kinda joked a bit and said that if worst comes to worst, I would just call my sis to come here and stay for a while. But mom doesn't want me to do that because my sis has a job, and mom didn't want her to get fired. But my sis hasn't met Mya! Sometimes I do not look forward to taking her out because of the fear of my leg twisting backwards. But I am going to need a caregiver here soon because I may actually have to have surgery. Though it is not certain yet.

I went for a follow-up appointment on Friday, and after having a better look at the x-rays submitted last week, they did find a slight fracture in my right patella. I knew it had to be fractured!!! I went down awful hard! There's no way anyone could go down that hard and not have some kind of fracture going on! So, I knew it had to be fractured. The doctor said it didn't fracture all the way through, but it still hurts and is still very tender. Either way, it SUCKS!!!! I am going to need a caregiver for a while, so Mya can get the training she needs. She's potty-training nicely now. It was touch and go there for a while, but she's turning out to housebreak nicely. Well, I've often heard shelties are smart dogs. She is! She's plenty smart!

Speaking of dogs, I saw this one video I can't seem to get out of my mind. Some dumbass on the Offensive Group last week came in one day with some kind of vendetta going against dogs. It was one day before I was due to get Mya. Well, she posted a video of a puppy being fed to a python, and I have not been able to get that video out of my mind! It was such a cute puppy too. The video ended with a little black boy wailing and crying, as if to mock people who might see that video and think it's awful. Which it is!

My big question is why would someone feed a sweet, innocent puppy to a python?! I can see feeding rats, mice, rabbits, even guinea pigs to pythons, as those are their natural food sources. I can even see feeding kittens to pythons, because cats are annoying anyways! But why a puppy?! What is it with people today?! Why do they always want to be such assholes to feed something so cute, cuddly and friendly to a snake?! I can't fathom that! Is it just because it makes them feel good about themselves to want to kill all things that are little and cute?! Is that what makes them feel special? Or powerful?! Or do they just want to see a dog die?! I'd rather have seen the snake's owner get killed by the snake than a sweet puppy! Give the puppy to me if you don't want it, but don't do something so cruel as to feed a sweet, innocent puppy to a python! And if you are so messed up that you just want to see a dog die, then volunteer at an all-kill shelter! There, you can see hundreds of dogs and cats get killed because they can't find homes for them.

UGH!!! People make me sick!!!!

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