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Friday, May 5, 2017

My Baby-Moo

LOL! One of the nicknames I have for my newest member of the family. I got word that my Baby-Moo girl is coming next Friday! I could not be happier! I've been waiting for this moment since I moved to OR! I haven't had my Vegas and Minnie with me, they will be legally adopted by my sis. I've been craving the companionship of a dog, so I finally got one. She is going to be my birthday present this year. I do wish I had a playmate for her, but that will come later. Like maybe next year. I've decided to name this one Mya, after the song "By My Side" by INXS. That will be her registered name. She is a smaller-scale shetland sheepdog, which means she won't get any bigger than 12 inches and about 10 pounds. I don't really like using the terms "toy" or "teacup", unless it's official.

I like shelties. I always have. I've never had one, but I have come close to getting one a couple times. The first time I almost came close to getting one was when one of my friends had a sheltie that had puppies. Yes the pups were purebred, though not registered. She just wasn't the type that bred her dog for registering. But she offered me one of her puppies for free once, and I almost accepted, but my mom talked me out of it because she brought up dad, whom she said would never allow me to get another dog. At the time we already had Andy. And I guess my dad did not want Andy to have to deal with the competition for love with another puppy. So, I thought about it, and unfortunately I had to decline my friend's offer. I was upset! That was back in 1991, and I still haven't forgiven myself completely for turning down that dog!

The next time was in 1999, I visited a breeder who raised shelties, and she had a couple of adorable tiny babies that I fell in love with. I could have gotten both of them! They were not ready to go home at that time, so I had to wait. I don't really remember now what it was that changed my mind then, I believe this was around the time grandma got hurt really bad, and we wound up having to give her round-the-clock care. So, I figured I wouldn't have time to take care of my grandma and housetrain a puppy too. So, I gave up the puppy. I wish I hadn't! Those same puppies that I fell in love with, I recently found out, became grand-champion show dogs! UGH!!!! I've been kicking myself ever since I found out!

Well, those were 2 times I almost got a sheltie and didn't. Both for different reasons that I don't need to worry about anymore. Both my grandma and my father have passed on. And besides, I'm a grown woman now with my own apartment! I can get anything I want to! As long as I have the manager's approval, no one can make me not get what I want. I do have approval from the manager and Mya is going to be registered here as a companion-therapy animal. She's too young yet to be considered a service animal. Either way, she will be loved. She's turning into a beautiful baby!

As you all can see, she's a happy girl! Because she knows she's coming to a home she's going to be loved in! I've been smiling myself so much my face aches sometimes. But that's a joyful feeling!

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