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Monday, May 29, 2017

Mya-Moo Loves Her Monkey!

A little video I made for the family showing how Mya just loves her toys! Don't worry about her flipping over, she's OK. She does that all the time because she moves so fast she can't stop herself. It's funny to watch her. She has this toy hedgehog that I gave her that giggles. She either loves that thing very much, or she hates it very much! LOL! Because it's the only toy she plays with that makes her growl.

This little girl moves like grease lightening! I've never seen a dog that moves so fast!! I wish my leg wasn't broken, I'd be running alongside her! It'd be so much fun!

Yesterday I went to the local church and I met some of the people. They are all so nice. They even gave me a birthday card and came with a little gift too, a pot of desert plants. I like plants, but I can never get them to last long for me. These should though. If I forget to water them, it wouldn't matter. They are so cool!! I was hoping to make some friends here, as I do intend to be here for quite a while. I hope to get close to someone. Yeah, I know! I don't like people. But now that I have Mya, some things have changed. Especially since I broke my leg!

I've been working on the leg. I have absolutely NO intention of giving in to this. I won't allow it! Even if I have to stay completely immobile for a while, I'm going to get better enough to go on my 4-mile walks again! I won't allow this to take over my life. I absolutely WON'T!!!!!

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