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Friday, June 23, 2017

The Loud Silence

Oh boy! LOL! I took a gamble, and I think I lost. Though I am not sure. About a week ago, I heard from a friend through email. She forwarded a message I sent her, which I did say was OK. This friend told me that a couple of people have asked about me. So, I told her that I am doing OK, just nursing a busted kneecap, and she forwarded the message. Well she told me one person responded, and it was someone I knew before in the INXS community. We were friends back then. But now, I don't know. I sent the first friend a request and she accepted. I'm glad to have her back on. But I also sent the other person a friend request, and I've seen her a couple times since, and she did not accept my request. But this was the message she posted about me:

Names have been blotted out for everyone's protection. Well, the first time I saw this person, I sent her a friend request and she did not accept. The second time I saw her online, she still hadn't accepted my friend request. I wasn't sure if she had gotten the request at all, as sometimes I send them out and people do not respond. I am not sure if they just don't get the requests or what. Facebook still has a lot of glitches, I am finding out. So, chances were she probably just didn't see my request. But then there is also this chance that this person has decided to side with the libtards and social justice warriors. Despite the fact that she even admitted in this message, that I've never done anything to her. Which, I haven't. But I've also never done anything bad to a lot of people, and they still sided with the SJWs and libtards.

Well, after seeing her a second time, I decided to take a HUGE gamble! And I do mean a HUGE gamble!!! It was such a big gamble, I thought about it for hours before I decided to just finally do it. I sent this person a PM and I told her who I was. It was a gamble because I am still supposed to be anonymous on Facebook. Though I am pretty sure there are some people who have figured out who I am, as I am still me and cannot really change who I am, I want to keep the anonymity for as long as possible. I won't even let Katrina call me "Dee" on Facebook for that reason. But I took a huge gamble with this woman. I told her who I am in a PM. On Facebook, a person can view a PM, but they have to accept in order to actually converse. But they can still see the PM before they accept.

That was the risk I took. I have no idea now if she is still wanting to be on friendly terms with me, or if she's now decided to side with the SJWs and libtards. But since she did not accept my friend request and she did not accept my PM, and if she did decide to side with the SJWs, I probably have no choice but to believe the worst. The SJWs are, unfortunately, VERY manipulative! They probably conned her into siding with them. Unfortunately, if she did, she will not tell me, so all I can do is draw my own conclusion. So, I cancelled the friend request, cancelled the chat and blocked this person on Facebook.

Again, it's sad. But hey! That's life! LOL! Life is not fair sometimes. But at least I know why the libtards and SJWs are doing this. They want me to apologize to Kelly Poulter and I already told them, it's NOT going to happen! I don't give a shit if I lose EVERY INXS bud I ever had! It's NOT going to happen! Everyone by now should know why I won't apologize to her. But in case you all forgot, I'll give you a reminder here: Because I know how Kelly Poulter is going to respond to it. I don't know her, but I know her type. I've dealt with people like her before. And I will NOT waste an apology on someone like her. Never! Rosanda even admitted to me in the beginning it would not work. So, why waste my energy and emotion? No way! Not gonna happen. I'm sorry Kelly is sick and all, and I hope she gets better soon, but no, I won't apologize to her when I did nothing to her. No way!

Ahh, she'll get better. People like her never die! She'll live to be 100! LOL! If people like her died young, then my stepmom would be in the ground and my dad would still be here with us. Michael Hutchence would still be here too. But no, it's only good people who die young. So, Kelly will be OK. LOL!

And don't try to sell me on that bullshit that "Kelly Poulter is a good person! You're the one who's a cunt!" No, Kelly Poulter is not a good person. I can tell you that now. If she was a good person, she would have confronted me herself in all these accusations. Especially if she was so positive I did something wrong, instead of getting her friends to fight her battles for her. If Kelly Poulter was a good person, she would not have judged me based solely on what others believe about me, but instead would have gotten to know me for herself. Which I can tell you, she NEVER did! We never spoke. I'd spoken to her maybe 2 or 3 times the whole time I'd seen her on the internet. I'm not like her. I don't need my friends to fight my battles for me. I don't need to "hide behind" anyone like Kelly does. Kelly Poulter is just like my stepmom. They are 2 peas in a pod! THAT is why I have no respect for Kelly or my stepmom!

Kelly does not just have cancer. She IS cancer! (And before the tards say anything, NO, I am NOT making fun of cancer!! That's a popular expression on YouTube!!! So, don't even begin to think what you're thinking!) She's manipulating the other INXS fans. It's funny actually! LOL! I'm loving it! The fools are falling for it too! hehehehe!!!! Yeah, the libtards and SJWs will hate me for this post, but I do not care anymore. I'm no longer the weak person I was just after my father died. I got Mya now. She keeps me laughing and smiling.😁

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