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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

What SJWs Have Ruined

On the anti-SJW forum that I am on, there is a topic about which movies from the 1980s would not be shown today because of SJWs. Many people said "All of them", which is not surprising. I remember back in the 1980s, you could see a lot of things that you don't see today. For example, Tom and Jerry. When Tom and Jerry were first getting started in the 1940s, Tom was owned by this woman, who was a black woman, with the thick African-American accent. I thought she was cute and funny. Though she would often wind up beating Tom with a broom, much like I do to these damn stray cats around here, especially if they get too close to my baby! If you could go back to the 1980s, as late as 1989, you would still see her in those old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Even as recently as 1997, I'd seen her on those cartoons.

However, in 2000, something happened. I saw the first episode of Tom and Jerry, and I waited until the end of the cartoon to come on, where Tom attacks the woman. But something was wrong. She didn't come on. All you could see was Jerry, covered in flour, seeing his reflection in the mirror, and running. They completely cut off the part where the woman gets up. It made the cartoon less enjoyable to watch! It wasn't until much later on, like in 2009, when I finally found out why she had been cut off. She was cut out of the cartoon because the SJWs said she "presented the picture of the stereotypical Aunt Jemima type black woman working as a housekeeper/slave." I never saw it that way! EVER! I always thought she was just Tom's owner.

Well, when that question came up, my answer was Soul Man. It was funny, but it was about a white guy who became black so he could get a college scholarship. In short "white privilege". Or the implication that blacks are not as important. Now, it's a shame a movie like that would be shunned today thanks to SJWs. Because it was a funny movie! Another popular answer was Blazing Saddles, which I've never seen. But again, everyone said it was about white privilege. Another popular answer was Revenge of the Nerds, which is actually one of my most favorite movies of the 1980s. But it implies, according to the SJWs, that women are objects. Also there was a scene where the SJWs would say that the sorority chick was "raped". But the twist was, she actually wound up falling in love with the nerd who "raped" her, because she said she had better sex with him than with the guy who was her regular boyfriend. But I love Revenge of the Nerds, again, because it's a funny movie!

And we wonder today why modern movies suck. It's because people today are afraid of SJW bullshit! Today, EVERY movie has to have at least one main character who is African-American, they can't say or do anything that would feed into stereotypes, they can't call people "he" or "she", violence has to be toned down, you can't have sex or even discuss things that are specifically "male" or "female" because the SJWs would argue that is "sexualizing" something. I wonder if hugging and kissing is even still allowed in movies. If so, I'd wager there has to be at least one gay couple kissing in the movie in order for it to be acceptable to SJWs. Otherwise the movie would be labeled as "homophobic". Those of us who grew up when there was such a thing as good movies coming out in theaters, did not care about modern stereotypes. Shoot! Those were what made the movies of those days funny! Watch Soul Man! Especially the basketball scene. Yes, it stereotypes black basketball players vs. white basketball players. But it's FUNNY!!!!! That's what makes a movie good! That's what makes it funny!

Even some 1990s movies today would be banned because of SJWs. The Sandlot for example. Most of the funny lines in that movie were given to the white kids. The black kid had very few lines at all. So the SJWs might argue that implies the black kid was "stupid" or "brainless". Robin Hood: Men In Tights might also be banned today. There was a point where the rabbi asked the merry men if they are gay and they answered no. The SJWs would say that is "homophobic". SJWs! Can't live with them. No point in finishing the rest of that phrase because we can sure live well without them! I hate SJWs! That's why I want nothing to do with the blind sheep INXS fans. They're all SJWs. If they weren't SJWs, they would not have listened to Kelly P. as she went crying to them, accusing me of making fun of her. Which I was not! But that's just like SJWs, to put drama where there was none and make it all about them and their personal feelings!

I told Katrina to put Kelly P. on ignore, or she will regret it. Kelly P. is very manipulative. But I know Katrina. Thankfully, she said she would never make friends with anyone who tried to hurt me, or my sis, or my family. Sweet girl! Someone like Kelly does not want friends. She wants people she can control. And she knew upfront it wasn't going to happen with me. That's probably why she blocked me. LOL! That and the fact that I have her friend Vincent on ignore.

Well, it isn't just movies and Tom and Jerry the SJWs have ruined. They've also ruined other antique/classic cartoons too. I recently found one of my most favorite Andy Panda cartoons on YouTube. Unfortunately, it is only a Russian version of this cartoon, but there was hardly ever much talking in the cartoon anyways. And the funniest part of the cartoon has no talking at all, just music. But the funniest part of the cartoon is also the part the SJWs would hate the most. There is also a spanish version of the cartoon, which unfortunately has the funny part cut out. So, I don't keep that one. But here is the Russian version of the cartoon, called "the Crazy House"...

I was lucky to find this! But when you watch it, it's easy to see why the SJWs would hate this cartoon. The funniest part of the whole cartoon is not politically correct. Well, I don't care about political correctness. I enjoyed this cartoon. I don't know if it's still on YouTube, but that is OK, as I have this saved on my portable harddrive.

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