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Friday, June 16, 2017

Why I Hate Feminists and MGTOWs

Here's one I never discussed. The main answer is...I just hate radicals of all kinds. Both groups are radical groups. Though the only reason MGTOWs exist is because of radical feminists, so MGTOWs are a little less radical than feminists. But they are still radicals! I do not hate MGTOWs as much as I do feminists. Feminists give all women a bad name! Especially modern feminists. They're radicals and I hate radicals! Got it?! Good! LOL!

I've seen some modern feminists do some pretty fucked up things. Probably the worst (and the most embarrassing) is dressing up in vagina costumes. That is probably the lowest point in all humanity, when you feel the need to dress up in some private part of your body for anything other than laughs. But really the main reason I hate both groups it all boils down to the fact that I just can't stand radicals. I was actually thinking about that old fart I ran into at Fred Meyers the other day while shopping, and comparing it partially to an earlier episode I had at the Safeway store.

Back before I got Mya, I had an incident at Safeway where I was coming out of the restroom and there was a couple women standing out there, greeting and hugging each other. They appeared to be old friends who were reunited. I was trying to get out so I could pay for my groceries and catch my bus, and as I was trying to get around them, I said excuse me a couple times, and they didn't appear to hear me. So, instead of saying excuse me a third time, I squeezed by them, knocking down some toy garden tools in the process. Well, practically the same thing happened on Monday when I had the encounter with that old fart in Fred Meyers. I was trying to reach for the whipping cream and I said excuse me a couple times and they seemed not to hear me, until I told the woman I needed to get in there. That's when the man flew off the handle.

I was laughing at him then, but lately, I've been thinking about that incident and the one earlier at Safeway and I wondered if the reason the man flew off the handle the way he did was maybe because they did not hear me say excuse me. I do speak very softly and there were other people around. So perhaps my voice was drowned out by them. I think because of that, the man thought I was one of those rude, young, entitled millennials who wanted to just push him out of the way like he didn't matter. I cannot really help it that I speak softly. I think it's part of my shy nature. As for why he flew off the handle so quickly, well, that's on him. But maybe he's as tired as I am of these damn millennials always wanting to get their way.

See, that is why I hate radicals so much! And yes, millennials are another type of radical. But radicals turn people against each other, either directly or indirectly. Radicalism has grown since Obama got in office. So, I blame him entirely for all this radical bullshit. This is why I am not interested in making friends with other INXS fans anymore, most of them are radicals/liberals/SJWs. I admit I do now have a few INXS fans as friends, I asked another and I am still waiting for her to accept my friend request. But they will probably be the only ones I ask. Though I do still email others occasionally. But still, it's only a relative few INXS fans. They were fans I really got to like a lot. There's still others I used to like, but since I do not know them anymore, and it's still possible they've decided to side with the SJWs, I most likely won't add them to my Facebook friends.

It's OK. I've got enough friends on Facebook to suit my needs now. I do not need anymore. I'm on one of the INXS groups (I gave up Tim-Hutch Love unfortunately), but as I've stated before, I am not on there to make friends. I'm on there for INXS, and ONLY my guys. And probably also because of Katrina. LOL! She wouldn't be in there at all if not for me. She's not that big of an INXS fan.

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