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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How Would She Know?

LOL!! I tell you, people never cease to amaze me with their stupidity! Yesterday, I went out with Mya like I always do. I left though on kindof an impulse. There was an item at the local Fred Meyers that I just had to have! When I got on the bus, the "over 55 club" was on there. That is, everyone on that bus was over 55. I was the only person on there that wasn't. Those people have also been living in this town a lot longer than I have. For some unknown reason, I felt sick and weary when I got on that bus. Their loud talking and laughing made it all worse!! I've never wanted to tell people on a bus to shut up before, but I sure did feel like doing it then!! I don't know why I just suddenly took ill!! But I was so dizzy throughout that bus ride, I wouldn't even play with Mya. I guess that'll teach me! Today, when I jump on this bus, I am going to try putting on my headphones and listening to music instead of the other people on the bus.

Well, most of those faces on the bus yesterday I did not recognize. But again, I'd never rode the bus at that hour before. That was the first time. Well, I went to Fred Meyers and got the item I wanted. It was a good thing I got there when I did, because it was the last one of that item left! I had about an hour to kill before the next bus came, so Mya and I just looked around the store. When the time came to catch the next bus, we went outside to where the bus stop was. There was a "new" person there. I say "new" because I had never seen her before that instant. But apparently, she's been in this town for a while. She was also over 55. Probably just slightly older, because she was not as wrinkly as the others. But she hated Mya!! LOL! She looked at her with disgust! I don't know who this woman was, but I think her name was Stacey, because she had it printed on her purse. I called her the "howler monkey", because she had a strange, howling laugh that was like the loudest noise you've ever heard.

Anyways, she was standing at the bus stop too, waiting with another woman who I did not know, but I had seen on the bus on the way to Fred Meyers. But I did not speak to her at all. When I get on the bus, basically, I keep to myself for the most part. Unless someone says something to me. That's how I've always been! From bus riding to walking through the park, I keep to myself. But I am also not rude or unfriendly. I've spoken to a few people on some occasions. Usually, once I start, I get everybody laughing.

Well, Stacey, though I've only seen her yesterday, must be the stupidest person in this town! I was standing in front of the bus yesterday as it pulled up and Mya and I were getting ready to go to Safeway, where I wanted to grab some things while they were still on sale. Stacey and the other woman were right behind me, and I heard Stacey say something about Mya. She had turned to the other woman and asked her "What does that dog have on it's ears?" I heard the other woman answer her in the most sensible way possible to such a stupid question. She said "I don't know." I didn't answer Stacey, because she did not direct her question to me. She directed it to her friend, who also did not know me, and I had never spoken to. LOL!!

That's why I say Stacey is stupid! I was standing right in front of her, and she didn't even bother to ask me about my own dog. LOL! I just stood there thinking "How in the hell is her friend going to know that?!" and I kinda chuckled at her.

I always find it dumb when people do that. They never go right to the source if they want to know something. Instead, they turn to their friends, who most likely, don't know any more than they do. The same thing happened to my sis back in Lakewood. She was waiting for a bus and a couple of teenage girls were standing behind her. One teenager asked the other teenager "Why is that fat girl catching the bus?" My sis had never seen these kids before, and the one teenager was asking her friend why my sis was catching the bus! LOL! Stupid-ass teenagers!! My sis was standing right in front of them too, so it puzzles me why they didn't even ask her themselves. Maybe they knew it was a stupid question. I don't even understand why they thought that should concern them. The bus is for EVERYBODY. Not just stupid-ass teenagers, or people that they like, or find "attractive"! LOL! People just amaze me with their stupidity!

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