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Sunday, July 23, 2017

New Post For The End Of The Month

Wow! Been so long since I've made a blog post here. Though I've started another blog, strictly for family. But it's on Wordpress, where I discuss things that I don't want the world to read. There, I can post things and keep them private. It has password protection for individual posts, and currently I am only giving the passwords to family. No one else. Some things are meant to be kept secret. At least for now. I dunno, blogger seems to be going down these days. Wordpress is improving. I might switch completely over to them, simply because I can keep some posts from the public eye. Some things I just want to get out, and I do not want the entire public to read. My last post, I've been saving for weeks about some big thing about to happen in my life now. But I don't want to post it here, because I don't want it jinxed! But I had to write it down or I was going to just BUST from excitement!!!!! I still don't want to reveal it here. But it'll come to light soon enough.

Also, at my age, I just don't feel like talking about other people anymore. Though I still hate SJWs and libtards. Besides, I've just been baptized in this church. I'm supposed to devote the rest of my life to helping people. Not hurting people. And believe me, I am trying. One good thing is I am making new friends in this church. Most everyone there seems so nice. They're slowly helping me get out of my shell. That's taking some effort, because I've spent so many years hating and avoiding all people on sight. So, for me to change into the person I am supposed to be in this church, I need to give up all this hating people thing. Reading this I'm sure a lot of people are thinking "oh she'll never change" or "she'll be back to her old hateful self before long", or they simply think I am using church as leverage to gain favor. Well, that is not true. The whole point of being baptized is to let go of the past. I think I've done that pretty well.

Of course you know the INXS SJWs are going to keep living my past with me, and with people who've considered me a friend. Well, another thing I've learned is that is on THEM. Not me. I'm moving forward. No more looking back. Now, it's all looking forward. Put the past in GOD's hands and let HIM take care of it. That is what I am doing. Remember Matt Burney saying I need to "learn to let things go"? LOL! Well, I have. But not because he says so. It's because GOD says so. I still laugh about Matt Burney, of all people, saying I need to let things go. But hey, again, this is what I am learning. I'm slowly becoming a better person because of it. Slowly. Like I said, it's a slow process and it is only just beginning. Don't count on it working right away.

At first before I was baptized, I thought I would have to give up a lot of things that I love to do. Like INXS. But no, this church is not like that. They have the free belief system. I like that, that's why I am sticking with them. I even asked if it was OK that I admire INXS. That one fanatical religious shelter I stayed in back in 2014 totally corrupted me. They kicked me out of the shelter because I refused to give up my INXS pics. But they were all I had back then. They were kindof like my "surrogate pets". For the literal people, that's just an analogy. I still feel like I have to spell some things out slowly for some readers who take the emblematic things I say too literally. UGH! But that's some SJWs who you just have to treat like sequestered children.

I know I've said before that I would never join any religious groups. But it has it's advantages. I'm making friends and coming out of my shell. May be a while before I am totally comfortable around people, but at least I've got a start at coming out of my shell that has been built up for so long. Also, I've found some people who will take me to Portland when I need it. So, there are some benefits to making friends in this town. I just wish I'd have known these people when my father was dying and I needed to get to Salem to catch a bus! I would never have asked Loretta!! Stupid-ass pain in the patooty!!! At least I am not the only one who thought she was a pain in the neck! LOL! Almost everyone in that shelter thought the same thing. I have not spoken to Loretta since I went to visit my dad, and I have no intention of making her a close friend. Not anymore! Not after she used me like she did! And I am still betting she will not keep the apartment she is in now. Sooner or later, she'll do something to get her and her husband kicked out, just like she did in the last couple of places.

If it wasn't for Loretta being so irresponsible, she would have made a great friend. But she was so irresponsible, she was a royal pain in the assumption!! That is why I do not like irresponsible people! They piss me off!! Someday I do hope to forgive Loretta, but since she did that to me in my absolute time of need, it's going to take a LONG time!!! Just like the INXS SJWs. Though for some things, I've already forgiven most of the INXS SJWs. But not for shitting on my father like they did. But I also realize how bad that must have looked to them. So, I cannot stay angry at them for that. Shoot, I've even forgiven Tess Obrien. LOL! How bad is that? I'd have to be insane. But carrying a grudge means she's won. And I sure don't want that! But I do have her blocked on Facebook. I'm not unblocking the blind sheep SJWs. But I've just put it all in GOD's hands. Let HIM take care of it.

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