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Friday, July 28, 2017

Taking The Advice

I can see one of my buds on YouTube is taking a lot of shit now, thanks to Onision and DaddyOfFive. Well, in all fairness, Onision is a jerk. He's even now claiming one of my videos for copyright infringement. I showed him! I demonetized the videos I did about him. He's not making any money off my channel! I will personally see to that! Not happening! I'm not going to make any money for him and his nearly-gay little wifey who can't even identify her own gender! Of course, like I said, I think Onision forces his women to be like that. It gives him a good reason to bring a third party into his relationship. He's apparently not satisfied with one woman, so he needs a gay wife to bring in a second. DaddyOfFive is a whole other story.

DaddyOfFive got on YouTube to showcase 30-minute videos of himself yelling at his kids. Especially this one named Cody. Poor Cody took the brunt of his parents' wrath and they think it's funny. It's not funny. It's abuse! Cody was not even allowed to go to Disney World with the rest of the family because the stepmom said he smeared shit all over the walls. Well, she didn't say "shit". She said the "p" word that most use to describe shit. It's a word I NEVER use, because I hate the sound of it. Not only did she say the "p" word, she yelled it, over and over again. I never use that "p" word. EVER!! I'd rather call it "shit" or "crap" or "droppings" than to use the "p" word. It's vulgar. Like calling your belly your "tummy". If scientists don't use the word, then neither will I. And I'd rather not hear it either. No one ever calls a yellow-bellied sapsucker a "yellow-tummied sapsucker". Nor does anyone  ever call a red-bellied lemur a "red-tummied lemur". That's a word that people under 10 years old use. Not someone of my advanced age with a scientifically programmed mind. A person under 10 does not know any better.

Ya know that's one of the things I really HATE about cat people too. They give their cats some of the Stupidest names I've ever heard of in my life!!! I remember several years ago, when Animal Planet ran the series "Animal Hoarders", there was this woman who had several dogs and cats. She said one of her cats was named "Shitty-butt". Again, she didn't say "shitty", she used the "p" word instead. But you get the idea. And she's not the first cat-owner I've ever heard of to give her cat an embarrassing name like that. But I digress.

Well, this buddy on YouTube stood up for herself. Now, everyone is seeing her as a monster for standing up against the bullshit. I just never understood why that happens! It's happened to me many times before too. It's like it's OK for someone else to talk shit about another person, and they can spread rumors over and over and over all over the place, and that's just fine. But when the person they are talking about speaks out against the rumors and defends themselves, all of a sudden that person is the bad guy. I don't get that. That happened to me in the show breeding community, when John Cipollina attacked me for practically no reason at all. None except that I struck a nerve with him. But he attacked me in an email group of show chihuahua breeders. And he attacked me in a way that I sincerely felt threatened! If he and I had been standing in the same room together, and he came at me like he did in that forum, I'd have been looking for something to smash over his head with in self-defense! And the police would have told me I was justified. That is how threatening he got with me. Next, he told how he was feeling when he was attacking me, and all his stupid, show-breeder friends were all like "Oh we understand you, John! Don't worry. We loooooooove you!" But when I tried to explain why I said what I said that set John off, I was basically told to shut up and let it go. I was not even hateful in my responses to John. Nowhere near as hateful as he was to me. But these people were treating me like I was the bad guy.

You know why I was treated that badly by the other show breeders? Because I had not yet shown any dog to it's championship yet. John had many wins to his name, and had been breeding and showing for over 35 years at that time, and those were his own words. But I'd only been showing dogs for a year at that time, and had not finished any to it's championship. So, that is why my words did not matter to them at all. That kind of mentality makes me angry! That's why I have spent so many years learning to hate people! The exact same thing happened in the INXS forums. And I had never even attacked another INXS fan. I've been honest with them, but never once attacked them. You can even ask other INXS fans if I'd ever attacked them. Even Rosanda cannot say I've ever attacked her or her friend Vincent. If she says yes, she's lying like a rug!!! Never once did I attack him to her face. EVER! I never said one bad word about him to her because I did not want to hurt her feelings. And I did not want to make him sound bad in any way to her. That is why I never attacked him. That's just the kind of person I am. But I know for sure, he's attacked me behind my back. I can tell, why else would Kelly P. put me on ignore on Facebook? I never did anything to her, barely spoke to her on Facebook at all. I had nothing to ever say to her. I don't know her. For all I know, she could have been one of Bittertears' little cronies back in the days of the INXS.com forums.

Speaking of which, I found Kelly P's Youtube account. I wonder who the thin, attractive girl in her profile picture is? LOL! It sure isn't her! When I last saw her, she was a big, fat ox, like me. And that was just last December. I had to visit her Facebook page to put her on ignore. LOL!

INXS fans are different from show breeders though. With them, in order to be able to speak your mind, you would have to have been friends with Michael. Or at least have your picture taken with him. If you've got that under your jacket, then you can be as big an asshole as you want to, and no INXS fan will ever shun you. Believe me, I know many like that! But someone like me, who only kissed Michael, and did not unfortunately have a picture taken to prove it, if you're straightforward, the other INXS fans will hate you for it. What they seem to not think about is, I could have met Michael, if I had been alone that night. I went outback and saw the buses, and I saw Michael and the others roaming around backstage, and I almost raced to him. But my pessimistic friend told me not to, to just get in the car and let's head home. It was after midnight, and we had a long way to go home. The only reason I was not alone was because first of all, she had the tickets. Second of all, I was not driving at that time, so I had to have her take me. I didn't even have a learner's permit then. Otherwise I probably would have drove myself.

So, in order to have any rights in certain groups, you have to meet certain criteria. In show breeder groups, you have to have shown at least a few dogs to their championship. Even more so if you've bred a champion yourself. In the INXS community, you have to have been friends with Michael. Or at least had a formal picture taken with him. If you meet those archetypes, you can be a colossal jerk-off and no one will care. They'll still love you. Even if you kill one of their family members, I think. But if you do not meet those needs, you can just look at one of their popular members cross-eyed, and be labeled a "rotten human being", and have all kinds of rumors spread about you that all their accomplices will believe in, true or not. And if you try to defend yourself against those rumors, it will just make the amalgamated SJWs angrier. This is why I've spent so many years hating people. And this is why it's going to take a long time to change. I spent 40 years hating people. It may take another 40 to learn to completely trust people. But I am trying. Being in this church does help some. So does actually making some real friends I can get to know. As long as they are patient.

I've even re-joined facebook groups that are all about breeding, showing and even INXS. I am also becoming more active in INXS groups that I've joined. A little more. I am still staying pretty aloof, just because I do not want to be let down again. But it helps a lot that I have the blind sheep on ignore on Facebook. I'll tell you, I never would have said anything on any of the groups I am on if not for having them on ignore. It's like the dinosaur extinction. And pretty much the same concept. Mammals would never have advanced the way they have if the dinosaurs had not gone extinct. Likewise, I never would have advanced like I have on the groups if I did not have the blind sheep on ignore. So, there is an advantage. Plus, I pretty much stay off of groups with moderators I do not trust. I even had to delete myself from Tim-Hutch Love because I do not trust Claire Aisha. If I were the mod of that group still, she would never even be there. I have Claire on ignore, but I still do not trust her, knowing she can still see my posts.

I'm also not on the MH and his Life fan page, well. I haven't been on there in a long time anyways. But I have no desire to go back. Because I do not trust Maria How. I also heard Vincent Lamaro is also one of the mods there and I sure as Hell do not trust him! I am also not on the Statue for Michael Hutchence group, again, because he is the mod there, and I do not trust him. I also do not trust Rosanda anymore. So, I would rather not go back. But I am on a couple INXS groups, and that is satisfactory enough for me. Most of what I participate in is anti-SJW groups, anti-liberal groups, and libertarian groups. That's where I spend most of my time at on Facebook. At least there, I know I can relate. And it's fun when one of the anti-SJWs puts me on ignore. There's actually a few who have! I am so good at offending people! LOL! Makes me feel kinda powerful! 😂😁

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