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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Trolls Starting Shit

Oh man! I will never understand why trolls like this start shit with other people, and then get all angry and pissed off when the one they are targeting fights back. I'll never understand it. I am still somewhat anonymous on Facebook. But it's not because of dumbasses like this guy. It's because I still want to stay away from some INXS fans who I may not have known I have to have on ignore. Well, this is on one of the anti-liberal, anti-SJW groups I am on. This piece of work is named Dennis Sellers. Now, I've been in it with these people on this group before, but they always come to me looking for it. Usually, they are teenagers, or 20-something year olds. But this guy is 61, by his own admission, and acting like a teenager. He's older than my Michael and Timmy! No doubt he's nothing but an overgrown little mama's boy who thinks riding a motorcycle makes him look tough. It doesn't! His attitude, and lack of taking responsibility for his own actions just makes him look like a fool who just rides a motorcycle.

Yes, he did start it! I was just giving my opinion on a post that was asking us to post an unpopular opinion we have. So I did! LOL! I said all cats should be banned from ownership all over the world. I still stand by that! Cats have caused the extinction of many native animals everywhere. Look in places like Hawaii and Australia. Yet people in those countries still own them, and sometimes let them run wild to kill more native animals. So, I still stand by my post.

Well, like all catfags, this guy Dennis Sellers got butthurt. This was his response to me:

I'll never understand why dumbasses like this choose to shit on an innocent baby like Mya. She didn't do anything to him. He didn't even spell "mutt" right! Low-class, uneducated motherfucker! Well, ya know, I've had people who breed and exhibit shetland sheepdogs tell me that Mya is nearly picture-perfect. So, what this low-class honkey pig thinks of her really means NOTHING to me. But I love the opening he provided! LOL!😂😆 I actually love it when these trolls start this shit with me. It gives me a chance to exercise my mind. Now, you should know, I don't know this guy, I've never spoken to him on or off the group. This is actually the first time I'd ever seen him. This group has over 60,000 members, and I don't meet all of them. I'm not trying to make friends here. I have no interest in making any friends. I just like being able to speak my mind.

Anyways, this was my response to him:

Yeah, I know! I'm fat and ugly too. But I did not start this. He did. So, this ball is in his court, and I'm making sure it's staying there. If you could have seen my face at this point, this is what it would have looked like:

LOL! Yeah, I can be very devious. I was thinking "OK asshole! You wanna talk shit about an innocent baby? I'll talk shit about your shitty-ass hillbilly family!" This was his next comment to me:

To which my response was:

Yes, I was laughing at him. I always laugh at butthurt catfags. I looked further at his profile pics, and found some good ones. Here you can see, just like all men who prefer cats over dogs, he looks like a very feminine little pansy:

Also, just like all men who prefer cats over dogs, he does not look very healthy. No doubt if it weren't for his motorcycle, he wouldn't get out at all. Probably no more than a couch-potato. The only reason why I am still stuck inside and not able to go on walks is because of my leg, it's still healing from the break I had a couple months ago. I guess because of my age, it's taking longer to heal than it normally would. Anyways, I go on...

I honestly don't think I'd need to shoot him if he were to come at me. He'd probably drop from a coronary, fat as he is! And would you believe it, this thing is actually married!! No woman in her right mind would marry this thing! So, I had a look at it's wife. She's as fat and ugly as he is! These people need a dog! Learn to go on some walks! Anyways, I go on:

Actually, that picture was on his profile, it's not his wife. I'm just saying that to push his button, like he said what he said about Mya to push mine. Hey! He wanted a response! So I gave it to him! As we go further, you can see him get more and more butthurt. He responds:

Well, no shit! I've been laughing at him ever since he got into this conversation. He's asked for it! But notice I did not say he's wrong about me being ugly. LOL!!! But look at this, 61 years old, and he doesn't even know to use "you're" instead of "your". That, along with other things he's posted, made me laugh! This was my response to him:

He goes on to say:

Actually, it only took about maybe 5 minutes to find those pics. LOL! Maybe less, he has them flopped out there on his profile. But what's this about "Do you spit or swallow?" LOL!! Not sure what he means by that. I guess that's the way these honkeys talk.

Well, after a while, he comes back and says:

LOL!! Again, I am anonymous on Facebook. Not because of him! Because I want to stay that way from certain other INXS fans. I'd rather they not know who I am. Even here, I've blotted out my user name on Facebook. Though, like I said, I'm sure some have figured out who I am. But, I'd still rather remain anonymous for a while longer. This was my response to him:

Believe me, if I was a liberal, I wouldn't even be in that group! Just because I am in Oregon, does not mean I am a liberal. The only reason I am here is because I do not like paying sales tax and I love the ocean. I go on to say:

That's Grand Junction, Colorado, originally he's from Denver. Remember that! There's no doubt in my mind he's hooked on marijuana. Not that I care! But I don't think for him it's for recreational purposes. I think he's just hooked on street drugs.

He responds:

HAHAHA!!!! This is the funniest thing he's said yet! And the most ironic. Like I said, HE started this! NOT me! So, if anyone is a nasty bitch, it's him! I was not speaking to him, nor did I ask him to get into this conversation with me. He did that on his own. So, I don't know why he's all butthurt that I fought back. He chose to get into this conversation with me. He chose to talk shit about an innocent baby who did nothing at all to him. Not to mention, he threatened me and Mya. I stand by my original comment. I always will! If that sets him off, well too bad! Blame your mama for turning you into a liberal little wussy. Oh, and he called me a liberal back there! LOL!!! Too funny!!! You can't start shit with someone you don't know and not expect to get shit back!

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