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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Nevermind Last Night's Post

Last night I wrote a post about a girl named Steph who came to my channel and at first copped an attitude with me. My sis saw my post and went in to say her piece. Mind you, I did not send her. My sis has her own mind. LOL! She saw my blog and I'm sure wanted to check Steph out for herself. Well, she "met" Steph in all her glory. And then Steph read the post I wrote to her yesterday after she muted me, and dropped a bomb. She told me her emotions have been insane because she lost her grandma a few months ago.

Well, when I saw that, I was in the middle of writing a long-winded, brutal post to Steph. Then when I saw that her grandma died, I couldn't go on. I deleted that post I had been working on and instead sent my condolences to her. I couldn't say what I was going to say to her. That would have made me no different than the libtard SJW INXS fans who deserted me after my father died. I admit, I can also lash out when I am grieving. All I ever ask of my friends is that they be patient with me. Well, those so-called "friends" weren't. In some ways, I cannot really blame them. If you'd never lost a loved one, or it had been years since you did, or if you don't react to grief the same way, it's hard for you to understand. My reaction to losing a loved one is also to lash out, sooner or later. I don't ever do it on purpose. People just think I do. But at the same time, I cannot help it. Grief clouds my judgment.

Well, I could not go on bashing Steph. Its been a year almost that I lost my father, and I'm still on that emotional roller coaster. It's just less now. I told you, I tend to get over things fairly quickly. Since I do not want to be like the libtard SJW INXS fans, I sent Steph hugs instead of sarcasm and scolding. I couldn't be bitchy with her anymore. She doesn't need that. Like me, she needs people to be patient with her. So, I am reaching out and doing it myself. I even apologized to Steph for my hostility towards her. I really mean that too. I cannot stomp on a person's head who is down. That's not in my nature. I even felt bad for writing that post I made last night, so that's why I took it down. So, I won't be harassing her anymore.

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