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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Worst Racists

Well, this post is not racist, but it is going to talk about some of the biggest (and truest) stereotypes. Keep in mind, I am not a racist person, but I am finding such groups as BLM to be extremely annoying!! I blame this whole thing on Obama. He divided the country. He brought back racism. He turned the people against each other by proliferating liberalism. It is because of him now that BLM is thriving.

Now, representatives of BLM are demanding reparations. They want your money, they want your property, they want your lives. If you don't give it to them, they are now saying they are prepared to take it from you. I actually saw a video of some gay black dude who said he wants reparations and if you don't give them to him, he's going to take them from you. He had like 4 people (all white) standing behind him, who were voluntary donators (all were libtards), who agreed with him. The gay dude was bragging about how they went to a church and held up an old man, demanding reparations from him.

BLM supporters are butthurt because of slavery, and now they want everything white people have. What they seem to forget is that more black people have owned slaves back in the 1800s than any white person throughout history. So, if they want reparations for slavery, they should start with their own kind. Ya know, I've said this before. Black leftist libtards are annoying enough. BLM only makes that stereotype worse. They've become the black person version of the KKK. But as I've seen, even the KKK has limits. They stand up against a radical hate group like the Westboro Baptist Church. But I have the feeling that BLM does not stand against that because the WBC does not target black people.

There is this one woman, Chanelle Helm, who protested for BLM, and she said she wants every white person, who has no descendants, to give their property, home, money, food to a needy black family, and she wants to get a racist fired from their job. I say, she's out of her fucking mind! You know that could run both ways! Get a racist fired. That could get her fired from her job too since she is racist against white people! And don't give me that "you can't be racist against white people" bullshit! Racist is racist! No matter what race of people you are against! For a full list of this woman's demands, go to this link: http://www.projectrepublictoday.com/2017/08/22/blm-activist-unveils-list-demands-white-people-give-home-budget-monthly-donate-black-funds/ And look at her face. She even looks like one of those left-wing liberal young black bitches you see hanging out in the streets.

Check out the house behind her too. It looks very run-down, as it does in all low-class black dominant neighborhoods.

Well, I'm half white, and half hispanic. Do I feel bad for being half white? No. I don't. That's for libtards. Do I feel bad because my ancestors owned slaves 100+ years ago? No. I don't. I had no say in that, so I don't feel bad about it. Again, that's for libtards. Am I going to give you these reparations you're demanding? Hell NO! When I was in 4th grade, there was this little black girl named Melody who used to masturbate to the thought of beating me up every day. For NO REASON. No reason except that I was quiet and shy and kept to myself. It had nothing to do with her being black. That was just how I was as a kid, very stand-offish. But I think Melody thought I was ignoring her because she was black. But I could not even pass her without her shouting threats at me, or approaching me with her dukes up, ready to bash me into the ground. I lived in absolute terror every day because of her. It set the stage for how the rest of my life would play out. Now, I am very cautious of everyone. I became a racist as a child because of her, I became afraid of black people. The only thing that saved me from growing up to be completely racist was meeting Paul when I was at the vocational school, which was almost 10 years later.

IMO, Melody owes me reparations. I owe her nothing. When Melody pays me the reparations she owes me, then I will pay this Chanelle Helm whatever it is she wants. But don't hold your breath! If Melody is even still alive, she's probably been living in some slum in the outskirts of LA all these years. The fact of the matter is, I don't expect anything from Melody or anyone else. I never thought of reparations until BLM came along and began demanding them from white people. Well, they ain't getting nothing from me. And I am not a liberal so I am not very easily swayed. If I have anything when I die, it goes to my sister if she is still around. If she is not around, then I'm donating it to the local homeless shelter, where it can do good for homeless people of ALL races, religions and creeds. I'm not donating anything to some random black person that I don't know and have no connections with whatsoever! For all I know, they might take that money and use it for drugs and booze and other such shit! No way! If I'm going to leave my money to any black family, it'd be one that I know very well and trust very well! Not these slum-living ghetto rats who pump out one kid after another with multiple fathers and don't even take care of their kids!

My advice to BLM, and I am not the first to say this, I just agree with it. Stop pumping out babies left and right. Stop having more kids than you can afford, get an education, don't raise hoodrats and bullies, get a job and get off of government assistance. Then you can afford to buy your own things. It's common sense. Because if you keep pushing white people to just give you handouts, especially if black people keep on behaving like they do, pretty soon white people are going to retaliate again and maybe send your asses back to Africa. See how long you people last when that happens. There ain't no government assistance in Africa. You'll be living in huts in the savannah, where lions and hyenas can sneak in and grab you at night, so fast you wouldn't even have time to yell for help. Slavery was done with 100+ years ago. Get over it! Go on with your lives and learn to live productively!

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