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Sunday, August 20, 2017

20 Things You May Not Have Known Has A Name

In the sidebar, there is something that talks about a habit I always have and I hate! But I had no idea it had a specific name! LOL! But it inspired me to make this kind of a post. These are some things you may have known existed, but did not know the technical name of.

1. Cerumen

This is the technical name for common ear wax.

2. Philtrum

This is the name of the little indentation between your nose and upper lip.

3. Bruxism

This is the name of the habit of gnashing your teeth. I do this all the time and I hate it!!

4. Tittle

This is the technical name for the dot above the lower-case I and J.

5. Muntin

This is what the strip that separates window panes is called.

6. Ferrule

This is the metal part that holds the eraser to the pencil.

7. Petrichor

The earthy scent that accompanies the first rainfall after a period of dry, hot weather.

8. Aglet

This is the plastic that tips your shoe laces.

9. Glabella

This is what the space between your eyebrows is called.

10. Overmarrow

You could say this instead of saying "the day after tomorrow".

11. Tines

These are the prongs on a fork.

12. Dysania

This is the feeling you have when you can't get out of bed in the morning.

13. Crapulence

Yes, this is a real word! It's the feeling you get after you've eaten or drank too much.

14. Interrobang

A now common symbol that represents the use of both a question mark and an exclamation point. As in when I say "What the fuck?!"

15. Octothorpe

This is the actual proper name for the pound sign or hashtag.

16. Paresthesia

The proper word for that "pins and needles" feeling.

17. Mondegreen

This is actually the technical term for misheard song lyrics. Though some doughnuts are so good they actually do make my brown eyes blue! LOL!

18. Phloem bundles

This is what those pesky, stringy tissues are on a banana.

19. Griffonage

This is the technical term for unreadable handwriting.

20. Rasceta

This is the technical name for the lines that are visible inside your wrist.

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