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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Weird True Facts I've Learned Over The Years

As we grow, we learn. The more years you are on this earth, the more you learn. I've been here for 40+ years, and I've learned a lot just by watching people in their day-to-day lives. Some of these, you've probably heard me say on here before. Some of these I learned slowly as time went on. But these are some facts that no one else thinks of, that I've learned watching people, both in real life and on the internet.

1. The most commonly misspelled word is "diarrhea".
There are others, but I've found only people with Ph.D's can spell the word "diarrhea" correctly on the first try. I learned how to spell it when I was 10. I remember it by remembering the two main syllables: "diar", which sounds like "dire" only spelled different, and "rhea", which is a bird.

2. Never go shopping on a totally full, or totally empty, belly.
Sometimes I do this, I go out to eat before I shop for groceries, and sometimes I get too full. But I've found when I do, I don't get enough groceries to last me the month. But it's just as bad to shop for groceries on an empty belly, because your mind tricks you into getting more than you need. It's best to have a very light lunch or dinner before going shopping.

3. The most commonly misused words are "to" and "too".
These are two different words with two different meanings for use.
Proper use of "to": "I'm going to the store".
Proper use of "too": "I like going shopping, too."

4. Be cautious of people who say "trust me".
I know it sounds strange, but unless I really, REALLY know the person, or if I had no other choice and my life depended on it, I do not trust people who say "trust me". Every time I did, I always had bad results. I almost lost one of my dogs to someone who was like this. And getting that dog back was total HELL!!!

5. People who like both cats and dogs equally are OK people. But do not trust anyone who likes cats and not dogs.
AKA "catfags". Cats, in truth, are demons. So, anyone who likes cats and doesn't like dogs is probably a demon themselves. Or an asshole. Either way, it's someone I would not want to have as a friend, or even anywhere near me or my family. But I've met some people who like both equally that were OK people. Though I tend to trust dog lovers more than cat lovers. But I think that just comes natural to me.

6. No matter what they say, people ARE indeed fanatical about what they like.
I don't care what their mouth says, or what emotions they originally show you, people are clingy to things they like. I've had so many people tell me "You have a right to your opinion", but then totally any friendship I may have with that person, or at least any peace I may have with that person, always went out the window once they found out I did not like the things they like. Especially anime fanatics and video gamers are the worst offenders of this rule!

7. Humans are born with natural instincts.
All humans have instincts they are born with to keep us alive, whether that be a fear of the dark, or of strangers, or of large creatures (including other humans). But as we grow older, and learn, we become more "socially accepting" of things we probably shouldn't. Like strangers. Even as adults we may still come across a stranger that will harm us, but because we do not want to appear to be anti-social, we accept them into our lives.

8. People are naturally hypocrites.
Again, I don't care what they say, and I've heard many people say they hate hypocrites, but people are naturally hypocrites. What I've found very few people actually like is honesty. Why more people are not "people-haters", I'll never understand!

9. If more people knew what others are saying behind their backs, they too would hate all other people.
Because we want to be more accepting, no one ever says what they really want to say to someone they want to say it to. I'm one of a kind. I'd rather people be honest with me than nice. To me, honesty is an opportunity to learn. I never got any complaints, so I never learned to be socially acceptable.

Just to be clear, there is a difference between "socially accepting" and "socially acceptable". "Socially accepting" is the act of accepting someone socially. "Socially acceptable" is behaving in an appropriate matter in social situations. I am socially accepting. I try to give every person a chance. I do not judge others either. Or I try not to. But I never learned to be socially acceptable. That is, be wary. I can be an asshole.

10. People are more willing to "follow the crowd" than to think for themselves. Even if they know you.
I've come across this so often in my life, it's not funny. It all leads to the fact that people want to be accepted by the bigger crowd. Most recently, it happened to me with the blind sheep, libtard INXS fans. I've always been nothing but nice to other fans. I've been honest, but I've also been nice. I never judged them or treated any of them with any disrespect. But when Kelly P. manipulated the other fans into turning against me, the majority of them went along with her. And because she was able to manipulate the "big wigs" like Rosanda, more and more followed in turning against me. Recently I've found out, even people, who I never thought would turn against me, did indeed turn against me. It's all because they wanted to go with the crowd that had the most people, and the bigger voices. That's the way it is with people ALL over the world.

11. Apologizing to people only makes them angrier.
Again, I don't care what their mouth says, when you do something wrong, and you try to apologize to that person, it seems to only make them angrier. No matter how sincere you are.

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