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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Where Was I?

I have had quite an eventful week! Or two weeks! My computer's fan finally gave out and it started turning it's self off. I am so pissed!! I do need a backup computer!! Right now, I am typing this message on a loaner I got from the repair place. But I need a new computer bad!! My computer is still in the shop. Once they fixed the fan, some wires came loose, and they had to fix those. Thank GOD they are not charging me for that. I actually like this place. These people are dog-lovers. They have this 5-month old Newfoundland pup. It may be younger than Mya, but it was HUGE!!!! About 5 times her size!!! But it was such a sweet puppy!! I don't see many Newfoundland dogs here.

Well, I am still trying to get used to this keyboard. It's smaller than the one on my own computer. But ya know, this place even sells Office Professional Plus. Even old versions. I already have Office 2007. I like it, but I actually liked the 2010 version better. After the holidays, I might go get that! I might do a lot of things after the holidays.

Since I mostly post these blogs for family and close friends, I was unable to communicate with them the whole time my computer was down. Yeah, I could have gone to the library, but sometimes I sit here for several hours thinking about what to write about next. So, I started a new thing; I began calling my family and closest friends on the phone. One day, I would call my sis, the next day I would phone my mom, and maybe the next day I would phone Katrina, and on and on and on. At least I could have some contact with the outside world. I am just starting to make friends here in town, but I only really see them on the bus. I told Katrina about this old fart named Richard, the one who looks almost exactly like Santa Claus. I see him on the bus occasionally, gratefully not too often, but I have gotten to know his riding hours. Personality-wise, he reminds me a lot of the SJW INXS fans. He doesn't talk directly to me, but he does seem so hung up in everything I am doing. Katrina thinks he may have the hots for me. I say he doesn't even look at me. She says that's what men do who like a woman and are too shy to show it. LOL! Even if he did really have the hots for me, he's not my type!! I think he's homeless. I don't want a man like that. And I think he's irresponsible too.

I once overheard him talking to the bus driver, the only people he really talks to besides the "over 55 club". He saw me getting on here at my apartment complex, and he started talking about it. Saying in a rather negative tone of voice "My ex-wife and I used to work there. One day the manager went crazy and fired everyone on the spot." He said something about the manager said someone was embezzling funds and I turned to the person sitting next to me and whispered "I bet the embezzler was him!" I would bet he would do something like that. That's why he's 70+ years old, and doesn't have a home and no job. I dunno, but I don't trust Richard. Not even as far as I could throw him! I'd bet that was the last job he ever had before he became unemployable. So I believe he's one of those homeless people who is such because he is irresponsible. Not saying he does drugs or alcohol, but I do believe he is irresponsible. I don't like irresponsible people. If he does have the hots for me, and I find out, I'll probably have to find a way to cool him off. Maybe be especially nasty to him whenever I see him.

Well, the 1st starts on a Sunday this next month, October. Guess what that means, it means we got a Friday the 13th coming! If you are superstitious, this is the worst month for a Friday the 13th! The reason Halloween got started is because evil spirits are said to enter this dimension during this time of year. It does kinda scare me a bit. Yeah, I am a bit superstitious, my sis laughs about that. But I say be careful! My bad luck already got started when my mom lost her job. She was helping me pay for this chair. Now, I have to give it back. I don't really want to, but I have no choice now.

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